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Image: Gina Bria tells Kerri Rivera: Humans are water beings that have a liquid system based on motion – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Anthropologist and author Gina Bria describes humans as water beings that have a liquid system in the body.

“It’s extremely important to understand that you are a water being. You really are made of water. So incoming water is going to be extremely important for your health, happiness, vibrancy and healing capacity movement because you have a liquid system that’s based on the motion that moves the liquid around,” Bria told Kerri Rivera during the June 30 episode of “Champions with Kerri Rivera” on Brighteon.TV.

Bria, the founder and executive director of the Hydration Foundation, added that using your body in a nice fluid motion throughout the day to get yourself in movement will squeeze out the old, waste materials and toxins and then open back up to draw in fresh water.

“The human body’s system is beautifully designed and made. And it runs on water and motion,” she said.

The anthropologist discovered the hydration solutions to modern water challenges while studying desert dwellers. She mentioned that the human liquid system is a mobile system that works on motion and movement.

“Body pains, such as shoulder and neck pains, are due to dried-out tissue and moving water through all the tissue. Bodily movements such as stretching the muscles help to alleviate the pain,” she said.

Bria noted that humans are run by hydration and run on hydration, with water being an electrical conductor. She added that having appropriate and optimal hydration is going to lift the whole human body system into a different level of health, perception and cognition.


The Hydration Foundation website also highlights the importance of hydration. “Hydration is the most potent, simple, affordable act we do to improve everything. We are bodies of water and we live on a water planet. With reverence for water, we heal our bodies and our planet,” it stated.

Hydrate with water-rich fruits and vegetables

According to Bria, using cell phones and computer is deeply dehydrating. She added that stress is releasing all the drying chemicals in the body.

Bria said people can find new ways to hydrate besides drinking eight glasses of water daily. She noted that desert communities aren’t dying without eight glasses of water because they extract water from plants like cactuses, aloe and tuba roots. (Related: Healthy and hydrated: How much water should you drink daily?)

The Hydration Foundation founder underscores people’s needs to consume water-based food such as watermelon, which she said has the right kind of natural water. The water in watermelon, Bria said, is completely different and far more hydrating than a bottle of water. Apples and vegetable salads are also full of the right kind of hydration the body needs.

Putting a pinch of good quality sea salt in a bottle of water can change the electrical power of the water in the bottle. Bria said it is one of the strategies to make yourself better hydrated.

She also emphasized the importance of partnering with good water filter companies, which are cleaning up the soils with water.

“Water is good for detoxifying the human body. And having clean water is important to get the body’s whole electrical system signaling to work really well.”

Watch the June 30 episode of “Champions with Kerri Rivera” below. “Champions with Kerri Rivera” airs every Thursday at 11-12 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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