Exploring the anti-viral properties of luteolin

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Image: Exploring the anti-viral properties of luteolin

(Natural News) In this study, Chinese researchers explored the underlying mechanism of luteolin’s effect on influenza virus-infected cells. They reported their findings in an article published in the Journal of Natural Medicines.

  • Influenza is an acute transmissible respiratory disease that affects humans and animals and has high morbidity and mortality rates.
  • According to previous studies, luteolin, which is extracted from Chinese herbs, could inhibit the replication of the influenza virus in vitro.
  • To examine the antiviral activity of luteolin against the influenza virus, the researchers infected several cell lines with two subtypes of the influenza A virus (IAV), A/Jiangxi/312/2006 (H3N2) and A/Fort Monmouth/1/1947 (H1N1).
  • Using the cytopathic effect reduction method, qRT-PCR, immunofluorescence and Western blot assays, they found that luteolin suppressed the replication of IAV.
  • A time-of-addition assay also showed that the compound interfered with viral replication at the early stage of infection.
  • In addition, the researchers found that luteolin suppressed the expression of coat protein I complex (COPI), which is related to influenza virus entry and the endocytic pathway.
  • They attributed this inhibition, at least in part, to luteolin’s ability to target the COPI subunit, B-COP.

Based on these findings, the researchers concluded that the naturally occurring flavonoid, luteolin, is a potent antiviral against the influenza virus.

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Journal Reference:

Yan H, Ma L, Wang H, Wu S, Huang H, Gu Z, Jiang J, Li Y. LUTEOLIN DECREASES THE YIELD OF INFLUENZA A VIRUS IN VITRO BY INTERFERING WITH THE COAT PROTEIN I COMPLEX EXPRESSION. Journal of Natural Medicines. 13 February 2019;73(3):487–496. DOI: 10.1007/s11418-019-01287-7

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