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Image: Manage eczema with these homemade remedies

(Natural News) Patients with eczema often resign themselves to living with the allergic condition while managing its symptoms. Fortunately, they may experience relief from the effects of atopic dermatitis with the aid of simple home remedies.

A remedy may be a complementary therapy that improves the quality of life of a patient alongside a prescribed conventional treatment. It may also be an alternative treatment that replaces pharmaceutical drugs.

Coconut oil often gets recommended as a remedy for eczema. When applied to the skin, the product decreases the risk of skin infections that cause inflammation.

People who want to apply coconut oil to their irritated skin must first check to see that the manufacturer did not use chemicals to extract the oil from the fruit of the tree. They must also not be allergic to coconut. The safest products for complementary therapy are cold-pressed coconut oil and virgin coconut oil.

Sunflower oil is another plant-based product that may alleviate the symptoms of eczema. It improves the ability of the skin to store moisture, thus preventing dryness that can cause irritation.

The oil also fights inflammation associated with atopic dermatitis and other diseases. If the eczema patient isn’t allergic to sunflower, he or she may apply the oil from the plant’s seeds directly to his or her skin. (Related: Good for your skin too: Topically applying dong quai can improve pruritus.)

These natural remedies may help reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis

Calendula has enjoyed much use as a medicinal plant for hundreds of years. A topical cream made with calendula is prescribed for burns, cuts, and excess inflammation of the skin.


According to traditional medicine, calendula cream can improve blood flow through injured regions of the body. The cream is also said to aid the immune system in repelling microbial infections that take advantage of the sores caused by eczema.

Eczema causes itchiness across large portions of skin. Patients often use natural remedies to soothe this annoying sensation. One of the most popular remedies for itching is a mixture of aloe vera and vitamin E.

Aloe vera and vitamin E not only reduce the aggravating itch – and the urge to scratch the itchy part – they also restore moisture to dry skin. Vitamin E possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which support the conventional treatment of the allergy.

Aromatherapy employs the essential oils of plants like lavender, rose otto, and neroli. These three oils help manage skin inflammation.

Bath salts may also help decrease inflammation associated with atopic dermatitis. The saline solution relieves inflamed skin and enhances the skin’s function as a protective barrier against pathogens.

Relieve eczema by managing your stress and mood

Stress contributes to the severity of health problems. Eczema patients may wish to try out approaches that reduce or manage stress.

Acupuncture and acupressure are known to help relieve stress. By extension, they may also help alleviate itchiness and other symptoms of eczema. People who cannot stand the needles employed in acupuncture may opt for acupressure, where hands and elbows are used instead of needles to stimulate parts of the body.

Lack of sleep may contribute to the risk of atopic dermatitis in children between three and 12 years old. Kids need at least eight hours of sleep each day. The recommendation also applies to adults since sleep helps the body heal most of its injuries.

Patients may experience anxiety, depression, stress, and tension due to eczema. It may benefit them to visit a therapist, who can help them understand their condition better.

They should also practice relaxation techniques to help deal with stress. Breathing deeply during stressful moments or taking a pleasant bath may improve the mood and reduce the effects of eczema.

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