Krave Kicker launches 10,000-bottle pilot run

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Image: Krave Kicker launches 10,000-bottle pilot run

(Natural News) VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – You probably remember “Kryptonite” from the Superman movies. It was that greenish-hued crystal that drains Superman’s powers, while being harmless to humans. Now think of how powerful the nicotine addiction is, well that is, until it “meets” mucuna pruriens, an amazing bean that grows on planet Earth, that actually drains the power of the addiction, by raising dopamine levels safely for humans. Kryptonite may be fictional, but mucuna is not fictional. It’s real. It grows naturally in tropical climates, like in India and Brazil. Then it’s harvested and sold in supplements.

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The mucuna plant has thin, long branches with large green leaves, and the stems blossom white flowers and exotic, purple, pod-shaped, 4-inch-long legumes. The fuzzy purple coating is not consumed, but the bean, the leaves and the roots are used as natural remedies and come with a laundry list of health benefits, that are now backed by peer-reviewed science, medical research and clinical studies.

Care to boost your memory, focus, motor skills, sleep, digestion, learning ability and kick nicotine cravings all the while? A supplement beverage that just came out in 2020 mixes mucuna with central-nervous-system-balancing vitamin B-12. This supplement beverage liquid “shot” called Krave Kicker gives nicotine dependents a break from the crutch while supplementing dopamine production naturally and providing balance and focus.

There are 35 million smokers in the United States, and about 10 million people who vape. Every single person who uses nicotine, over time, suffers from constricted blood vessels, which can starve your extremities of oxygen. Ever play sports with someone who smokes or vapes? They often start sucking wind a lot earlier and quit. That’s the lack of oxygen and nutrition in their bodies talking. It may be time to take that break (forever) from nicotine. Look for natural remedies that are proven to help.

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