You choose: Will you age gracefully or decay miserably?

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Image: You choose: Will you age gracefully or decay miserably?

(Natural News) Will you get shorter when you get old, lose your memory, and be on a dozen different medications? Will you need hip replacements, and knee replacements, and need to receive organ donations just to carry on? Will you be put on blood thinners, cholesterol medications, and prescriptions for high blood pressure and irritable bowels – until the day it’s literally those medications that kill you?

Will you be in and out of hospitals when you’re a senior citizen, getting operation after operation, praying you don’t contract MRSA (superbug infection) and die in intensive care from pneumonia or the flu? If you think the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, or you’re already living that way, it’s time to find out exactly why and make some changes immediately. There’s no use “walking” when it’s past time to run. We can help.

First off, don’t blame “old age” for your ills and aches. Don’t blame genetics. That’s what the quack M.D.s (medical deities) do so you won’t change the consumption lifestyle that’s killing you slowly. Here’s what you really need to do: blame the wrong food, the wrong kind of water, and the wrong medicines.

But, before you learn what to eat that fuels ideal health, it’s time to learn how you could be “doing it” all wrong. Eliminate the “garbage” coming in because you know the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Top 7 things you can AVOID that cause decay of the mind and body

#1. If you eat canola oil and drink fluoridated water regularly, you may lose your memory, damage cognition, and suffer dementia for the last decade of your shortened life.


#2. If you have bad posture walking, sitting, and looking at smart devices, you cut off oxygen and blood to the brain, shortening your lifespan by many years.

#3. If you eat GMOs, bleached foods and artificial sweeteners regularly, your cells will warp, mutate, multiply uncontrollably and attack your body, killing you through battles, like an internal civil war (it’s called cancer).

#4. Parabens, Phthalates and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in cosmetics and personal care items jack with your hormones and upset the balance of multiple systems.

#5. Too much animal fat (meat & dairy) clogs blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries) leading to strokes and heart attacks.

#6. Vaccines with neurotoxins, mercury (think flu shots and DtaP) cause central nervous system disorders and bad gut health, catapulting diseases and other disorders.

#7. Prescription medications cause the blood to be perpetually acidic and inflamed, inviting cancer, hypertension, anxiety and depression.

How the allopathetic medicine regime really functions

The Allopathetic (Allopathic) Medicine regime works very hard to bury natural cures, traditional medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture, and the entire chiropractic industry. If we, as humans, are to age gracefully and without chronic pain, we should all be seeking natural remedies and non-invasive therapies as much as possible. It’s organic to treat your body with natural “medicine.”

It’s not wise or even “normal” to use chemicals, surgery, prescription medications and radiation to treat cell disorders, digestive issues, skin problems or even anxiety and depression. Organic, plant-based diets can cure almost any health crisis, and fast, but the Allopathetic world of quacks control mainstream news, health resources, YouTube, and Google, so the majority of Americans think it’s normal to get cancer, suffer dementia, and get a dozen operations as senior citizens (to remove organs, replace bones, and stave off cancer).

Watch this amazing health video that features Dr. John Bergman on Extreme Health Radio. Dr. Bergman is a renowned chiropractor who authors best-selling books and is constantly creating inspiring, humorous, and revealing podcasts that will blow your mind and change your whole health world in minutes. Listen as he literally reveals how millions of Americans are being hoodwinked by prescription drug pushers and could get off those quack meds faster than they think (or that the medical deities tell them).

Tune in to and find out ways to reduce and eliminate your chances of developing dementia, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis. You CAN age gracefully and thoroughly love longevity. Stay frosty my friends!

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