Want to remember your dreams? Study says foods rich in vitamin B6 help you remember your nighttime adventures

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Image: Want to remember your dreams? Study says foods rich in vitamin B6 help you remember your nighttime adventures

(Natural News) Do you remember any of your dreams when you wake up in the morning? Or do you feel frustrated when you can’t recall anything but incoherent fragments?

According to a study, eating foods like bananas, fish, and potatoes can help you remember your dreams.

The study was spearheaded by experts from the University of Adelaide, and the results showed that consuming foods rich in vitamin B6 can help individuals recall what they dreamed about even after they wake up.

Other foods that are full of vitamin B6 include avocado, cheese, eggs, and milk.

For five consecutive nights, the participants were given vitamin B6 supplements before they slept. One volunteer shared, “It seems as time went on my dreams were clearer and clearer and easier to remember.”

“I also did not lose fragments as the day went on,” the participant added.

The researchers observed that the sleep patterns of the participants weren’t affected.

Another participant noted that dreams seemed “more real.” They also shared that they were looking forward to sleeping and dreaming.

Dr. Denholm Aspy, the study leader, explained that on average, a person spends at least six years of their lives dreaming. He explained that if we learned how to “become lucid and control our dreams,” our dreaming time can eventually be used more productively. (Related: Americans don’t dream anymore: Expert claims lack of sleep is affecting our physical and mental health.)

Lucid dreaming refers to when an individual is aware that they are dreaming while the dream itself is still ongoing. It can offer various benefits and can be used to:


  • Discover creative ways to solve problems
  • Help people overcome their nightmares
  • Help with rehabilitation from physical trauma
  • Refine motor skills
  • Treat phobias

Dr. Aspy posited that to have lucid dreams, individuals must first learn how to remember dreams normally and on a regular basis. The results of the study also implied that increasing a person’s intake of vitamin B6 can help someone have lucid dreams.

He said that with continued research, experts can one day determine if the effects of vitamin B6 vary depending on how much is obtained from an individual’s diet. “If vitamin B6 is only effective for people with low dietary intake, its effects on dreaming may diminish with prolonged supplementation,” he concluded.

The study was published in the journal Perceptual and Motor Skills.

Other foods rich in vitamin B6

If you’re wondering what other foods are rich in vitamin B6, check out this list:

  • Carrots — A medium-sized carrot stick contains almost the same amount of vitamin B6 as a glass of milk. Carrots also contain fiber and lots of vitamin A.
  • Chicken liver — Chicken liver is full of nutrients like folate, protein, and vitamins A, B6, and B12. Vitamin B6 helps the body break down and use protein efficiently.
  • Chickpeas — Legumes like chickpeas are full of vitamin B6, fiber, and protein.
  • Green peas — Green peas are rich in fiber and vitamins A, B6, and C.
  • Spinach — Aside from vitamin B6, spinach also contains iron and vitamins A and C.
  • Sweet potato — A medium-sized sweet potato contains fiber, magnesium, and vitamins A and B6.
  • Tuna (yellowfin and albacore) — Vitamin B6 can help produce hemoglobin, the protein that carries oxygen through the blood. Tuna, especially varieties like albacore and yellowfin, are full of vitamin B6.

You can read more articles about other fresh foods rich in vitamin B6 at Fresh.news.

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