Nutritional solutions against Covid that support immune function in the presence of ALL variants

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Image: Nutritional solutions against Covid that support immune function in the presence of ALL variants

(Natural News) Americans who take prescription medications are some of the sickest people on planet Earth, and they will most likely stay that way, by design. These are the same folks who lined up the day the Covid vaccine was first released, even though it was only “emergency use approval” with no tests for safety or efficacy. These are folks who think natural remedies are just for hippies with crazy conspiracy theories about vaccines and prescription medications being toxic for the human body. These are consumers who believe they can find helpful guidance for health and safety by using Google as their search engine. These folks need help, bad, and soon.

Natural solutions you might want to learn more about, especially during the Covid crisis

American medical doctors downplay the importance and strength of taking vitamin D supplements, especially during a pandemic, when the sun is not a summer sun, and even more so for people with darker skin. This is science. This is nature. Embrace it. The other problem for millions of people is that they buy “pharma” made supplements, when they do delve into natural remedies, and those are next to dead, plus they contain added toxins. Look for organic.

Most conventional shoppers hear the word mushroom and they think of the poisonous kinds that grow in their yard, that you can’t eat. Little do they know that some mushrooms grow off the bark on the sides of trees, soaking up all the nutrients from the tree. These have been consumed for millennia as indigenous cultures use them as medicine for all sorts of ailments, and to build immunity.


Make no mistake, there are no MDs in America that are allowed to recommend this, especially in place of those blood-clotting Covid jabs. It’s rather unfortunate because medicinal mushrooms are right at your fingertips, in many health food stores and yes, online.

Cinnamon is the ultimate spice that could help protect your life, especially during Covid

Hundreds of millions of people are struggling to understand why they still catch Covid after getting all the recommended vaccines. They can’t figure it out. They’re terrified of Covid, so they rush out and get injected with billions of spike proteins that are untested and serve as dangerous pathogens throughout the vascular system. This strains the brain, the heart and the central nervous system. The irony? None of it is necessary.

At the food store and the supplement store, they sell cinnamon. If you don’t like it on your food, then take it in capsule form and experience the rich source of antioxidants that provides a big boost to your immunity system. Some people like it in their tea or coffee.

Cinnamon helps reduce risk of heart diseases, including prion diseases caused by billions of spike proteins that are injected or created (mRNA) in the vascular system via Covid vaccines.

Cinnamon use dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt, and was viewed as a gift fit for the kings. Ready to battle away the winter flu, cancer, the China flu and many other life-threatening diseases? Cinnamon can keep lung infections at bay, like Coronavirus. Cinnamon has been proven by science to effectively treat respiratory tract infections, some of which are caused by fungi or parasites.

Cinnamon even helps lower blood sugar levels, giving it a potent anti-diabetic effect. Who knew? Supplement daily. Here’s the top 10 list for natural remedies that help support immune function:

#1. Vitamin D3

#2. Medicinal mushrooms, including chaga, cordyceps and reishi

#3. Licorice root

#4. Garlic

#5. Oregano oil

#6. Zinc

#7. Vitamin B12

#8. Cinnamon (fights lung infections)

#9. Turmeric (especially with curcumin)

#10. Vitamin C

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