Covid vaccines make the virus MORE dangerous for the vaccinated, especially Pfizer’s viral vector jab

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Image: Covid vaccines make the virus MORE dangerous for the vaccinated, especially Pfizer’s viral vector jab

(Natural News) You heard right. The Covid vaccines are causing the virus to become more infectious. Imagine that, after all this hype and fear-mongering about herd immunity, and how we must achieve 90 percent vaccination of the world’s population or we all die, the propaganda goes on and on. If they had just left it alone, and not created all these immune-compromising fake vaccinations, then the virus in the wild, and the “Delta” variant wouldn’t have so much “efficacy” at attacking and killing humans.

This is called “risk of antibody-dependent enhancement” (ADE syndrome) and the whole vaccine theory has been blown out of the water with these haphazard Covid inoculations, proving the vaccinated sheeple are now weaker, more susceptible to contracting, spreading and dying from any and all mutational variants, including Delta.

Vaccine response is rapidly decreasing while antibody-dependency rate for the vaccinated sheeple increases

This is why we’re seeing all the massive outbreaks of Covid among the vaccinated, like in Israel right now. The CDC would love to pin these outbreaks on the unvaccinated — and they’ve tried — but the only scientific proof of this pattern is among the vaccinated. Why? The Pfizer jab is three times weaker than Moderna, and the outbreaks are mostly among those who got the Pfizer jab. What’s happening is the Pfizer jab’s effectiveness, which supposedly starts below 50 percent, wanes in just 6 months.

The vaccine is causing the virus to replicate more efficiently, so everyone who is for the vaccine should now be against it. This is a very “tough pill to swallow,” especially coming from an expert in immunology and vaccine creation who believes in vaccines. Dr. Robert Malone, MD, MS Physician Scientist, is one of the inventors of mRNA vaccine technology. He is the farthest you can get from being “anti-vaccine,” as the establishment would call him, now that he’s pointing out all the danger and failure of the Covid jabs, especially Johnson & Johnson’s “all in one” blood-clotting stab.


The CDC says side effects of the vaccines are “normal,” which means blood clots and death are normal after Covid vaccinations

The vaccine industry loves to talk about “misinformation,” but what they forget to tell everybody is that all of that misinformation is coming from them. At vaccine shill sites like, they outright lie and tell you, “Long-term side effects following the Covid-19 vaccine are extremely unlikely.” Wait, what? First off, none of the vaccines have been out long enough to conduct a long-term study, so drop that lie right now. Next up, they stated “…following the Covid-19 vaccine …” so they’re just making a huge sweeping statement about every single Covid-19 vaccine that every manufacturer made, and they’re saying they’ve all been studied for long-term health detriment. Talk about misinformation, that’s a mountain-high pile of crap.

There’s more. They go on to give you all those important “answers” you’ve been seeking, all you stuck in “hesitation” mode about whether or not to get the deadly blood-clotting gene therapy jabs for China Flu: “Serious side effects that would cause a long-term health problem are extremely unlikely following Covid-19 vaccination.” Again, show us the study, because if 8 weeks, or 3 months, or even one year to you is “long term,” you must be studying the life of an injected rat, not humans. Even most rats live two years.

The CDC continues to FAIL to monitor Covid-19 vaccines for any safety issues, including deadly blood clots in the brain, lungs and stomach shortly after vaccination. If even one public health expert could talk on the pharma-funded MSM networks, everyone would know that the FDA and CDC are NOT working toward any “appropriate solution.”

If you know someone who already got pricked with the blood-clotting Covid inoculations, and they’re suffering from lethargy, pain, clouded thinking, that’s called CoVax Syndrome, so tell them to report it to VAERS. Also, check out for updates on these crimes against humanity and the upcoming “Delta” scamdemic.

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