Christopher Krebs: DHS never claimed 2020 elections “had no instances of fraud”

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Image: Christopher Krebs: DHS never claimed 2020 elections “had no instances of fraud”

(Natural News) A cybersecurity head fired by President Donald Trump said the Department of Homeland Security never asserted that the 2020 elections “were not fraudulent.” Christopher Krebs, the former head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), said that claims of election fraud were not his agency’s concern.

He said in a Nov. 19 tweet: “I never claimed there wasn’t fraud in the election, [because] that’s not CISA’s job – it’s a law enforcement matter. We did provide [information] on measures [election] officials use to prevent and detect dead voters, [though.]”

Krebs’ remarks followed a Nov. 12 statement released by CISA and other groups that said the Nov. 3 general election was “the most secure in American history.” The statement emphasized that “there is no evidence” that any voting system deleted, lost or changed votes, or was in any way compromised. The statement also added its authors had “the utmost confidence in the security and integrity” of the recent polls.

However, the Trump administration did not take too kindly to the statement. The president himself said Nov. 17 in a two-part tweet that “the recent statement by Krebs on the security of the 2020 election was highly inaccurate” and announced Krebs’ termination “effective immediately.”

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretaty Kayleigh McEnany said the next day that Krebs was misleading with his statement. She remarked: “You say that this was the most secure election in American history; that may be true from a standpoint of foreign interference. [But] to come out and say ‘it’s the most secure election in American history’ … [is] just not an accurate statement.” McEnany added that Krebs’ statement seemed like “a partisan attempt to just hit back at the president as he pursues important litigation.”


Election software glitches ran rampant in battleground states such as Michigan

The president, his campaign team and his supporters have pointed out election irregularities in a number of states – which included mysterious “glitches” that transferred Republican votes to Democrat candidates. In Michigan’s Antrim County, the state’s GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox confirmed that a glitch in the tabulating software caused 6,000 votes for Trump to be counted as votes for Joe Biden.

A same glitch almost cost Oakland County Commissioner Adam Kochenderfer his re-election bid – until the county’s director of elections called him to say that he won against his Democrat rival by more than a thousand votes.

Further scrutiny found that the vote-counting software in Antrim County, made by Dominion Voting Systems, was also used in 47 other counties. Interestingly, CISA did not disclose that Dominion is also a part of the agency’s Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating Council (EISCC). The EISCC, which is primarily composed of voting system firms, was among the two entities who authored the Nov. 12 statement. (Related: COLLUSION: Dominion Voting Systems is part of the very same council that disputed concerns about election integrity in a Homeland Security statement.)

Krebs’ actions following his firing inadvertently revealed where his loyalties are

Krebs said in his first statement following his firing that he was “honored to serve” the country, adding: “We did it right. Defend today, secure tomorrow.”

However, he subsequently shared messages from people who have crossed swords with Trump – including actor Mark Hamill. Krebs re-tweeted one post by the actor that claimed the former CISA director was fired for “refusing to lie to the president,” adding: “In defending democracy, do or do not, there is no try. This is the way.” (Related: “Luke Skywalker” says all men should be BANNED from politics … but also agrees anyone can become a woman by simply saying they are.)

Meanwhile, some lawmakers denounced Krebs’ removal from his post. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) condemned the move in a Nov. 17 statement, saying: “Krebs is a deeply respected cybersecurity expert who worked diligently to safeguard our elections, support state and local election officials and dispel dangerous misinformation. Yet, instead of rewarding this patriotic service, the President has fired [him] for speaking truth to power and rejecting [the] constant campaign of election falsehoods.”

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX), who is set to retire after his third term as a lawmaker this year, also castigated Krebs’ firing. In a Nov. 18 tweet, he described Krebs as a “true patriot” who “was instrumental in [the U.S.] having one of its most secure elections in history” despite “bad actors” attempting to influence the polls. Hurd added that the former CISA head’s service “should have been rewarded, not dismissed.”

Despite the statement by Krebs’ former agency denying any vote fraud, the Trump campaign will not stop until all irregularities are rectified.

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