New document reveals Hunter Biden’s $1 million contract with “spy chief of China” Patrick Ho

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Image: New document reveals Hunter Biden’s $1 million contract with “spy chief of China” Patrick Ho

(Natural News) A new document revealed that Hunter Biden signed a contract with China Energy Fund Committee Secretary-General Patrick Ho. The attorney engagement letter indicated that Biden would provide “counsel to matters related to U.S. law” and “advice pertaining to the hiring and legal analysis of any U.S. law firm or lawyer.” Meanwhile, Ho would compensate Hunter Biden $1 million for services rendered “at the time of execution of this agreement” back in September 2017.

Ho, a former Hong Kong government official, was among the business associates of Chinese tycoon Ye Jianming. In a recording obtained by The National Pulse, Hunter Biden called Ho as the “spy chief of China” while lamenting the disappearance of Ye. The recording featured the younger Biden slamming New York Times reporters asking about his connections to various personalities, his “best friend in business” Devon Archer for naming him as a witness in a criminal case and his father Joe Biden failing to tell him about what Archer did.

Ye disappeared in 2018 following an investigation by the Chinese government over “suspected economic crimes.” Authorities in China took him into custody and there has been no news of him since. In the recording, Hunter Biden said Ye “was missing since I last saw him in his $58 million apartment and signed a $4 billion deal to build the largest LNG [liquefied natural gas] port in the world.”

Meanwhile, a Manhattan federal jury convicted Ho for bribing high-ranking government officials in Africa in December 2018. He was involved in a scheme to pay $3 million for Chad’s oil rights and lucrative business deals in Uganda. The former Hong Kong government official served three years in prison and was deported to his home country in June 2019.


Aside from Patrick Ho, Hunter Biden was also involved with Gongwen Dong – another associate of Ye

Hunter Biden also had links to Gongwen Dong, another business associate of Ye. Dong, the CFO of the Hong Kong-based Kam Fei Group, executed transactions on behalf of the Chinese tycoon. One of the younger Biden’s emails released by the New York Post indicated Dong as a recipient, which spoke of an earlier agreement with CEFC China Energy Co. worth $10 million yearly “for introductions alone.”

Biden and Dong opened up a credit line at a bank using the name of a holding company established by Hunter Biden and Ye – with credit cards being made available to the younger Biden, his uncle James Biden and James’ wife Sara. James and Sara Biden then went on a shopping spree, charging more than $100,000 worth of “extravagant items” such as plane tickets, Apple Inc. devices, and more to the company’s bank account. (Related: Shocking Senate report says Bidens bought $100k worth of “extravagant items” with credit cards linked to China.)

Outside of his connections to Ye Jianming’s company, Dong was also a prolific real estate investor. The Jewish Voice reported in 2019 that Dong purchased ten condominium units at New York City’s Gramercy Park tower, a luxury unit at 432 Park Avenue and the penthouse at 15 Central Park West. Aside from these real estate investments, Dong is also listed as the owner of a mansion at Great Neck in Long Island. (Related: CCP takes advantage of Hunter Biden firm to take control over major swaths of American real estate.)

Ho and Dong have strong links to the Chinese Communist Party, and their deals with Hunter Biden will only serve as a bargaining chip China can use to further its interests in America. No wonder the Chinese government endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Hunter’s father, as its pick to become the U.S. President. A simple mention of Hunter’s illicit deals with them is enough to make the elder Biden “smoother to deal with.”

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