Exposing Hunter Biden is just the beginning to uncover the US deep state which colludes with the CCP

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Image: Exposing Hunter Biden is just the beginning to uncover the US deep state which colludes with the CCP

(Natural News) In the past week, GTV, which is a subsidiary of the media group founded by former Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon and Chinese billionaire Miles Guo, exposed some sex tapes, images and messages etc. from Hunter Biden’s laptop, showing Hunter Biden’s drug addiction, sexual abuse, and incest.

(Article republished from GNews.org)

This has not only spred the truths to the world but also firmly told the corrupted US governors, Wall Street elites and the CCP that the Whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo owns all the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptops. Conversely, America DOJ and Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, also had the same information several months ago but did nothing. And what is even worse is that the American Media and Big Tech corporations have censored and blocked these exposes.

The world, especially America, are shocked by the contents of Hunter’s laptop, although what GTV exposed so far are just the tip of the iceberg. According to Miles Guo’s plan, there will be more to be exposed in the following weeks. And the final goal is to take down the CCP through uncovering the deep state in the US which are colluding with the CCP.

In the past decades, the CCP exerted the BGY plan to successfully control many Western politicians and corporate elites through blackmailing. Joe Biden, the candidate of the US 2020 Presidential Election, and his family have been  controlled by the CCP 100%, which is a good example of the CCP’s BGY plan’s success.

What is emerging from the terrible details of Hunter Biden’s laptop’s contents is how far the Washington DC has gone actually, with some insiders have prioritized their personal business dealings over the needs of the nation. Because of the way of Biden and his like handling power, American national security, traditional values and culture have all been jeopardized and Americans’ freedom and rights have also been given away to the CCP to a large extent.

According to DJHJ Media, Steve Bannon and GTV could potentially be responsible for saving Western civilization.

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