Facebook is now flat-out censoring Tucker Carlson… total election interference and criminal activity against America

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Image: Facebook is now flat-out censoring Tucker Carlson… total election interference and criminal activity against America

(Natural News) Tucker Carlson hosts the most popular cable television show in American history, but now he is being targeted and censored by the far-left Marxists who control Facebook. For three and a half years, Facebook has claimed a monopoly on ideas, censoring, restricting and removing content that conflicts with their political agenda and business interests. Facebook operates much like the Communist Chinese Party, controlling internet speech and removing any discussion that threatens their power and influence.

Facebook’s censorship and election interference is out in the open for all to see

Now Facebook is going to desperate lengths to shut down opposing facts, discussion and ideas by censoring an independent mind, Tucker Carlson, just weeks away from the November 3rd presidential election. Facebook is flat-out censoring one of the most influential, independent news personalities of the day. In an attempt to silence the truth, Facebook has become arrogant in their censorship efforts. And now Facebook’s criminal activity is in the open for all to see. Facebook is engaging in election interference, trying to silence one of the most popular mainstream voices in journalism.

Facebook warned Tucker Carlson that his page would have “reduced distribution” because he has “repeatedly” shared fake news. Facebook sent the notification just weeks before the 2020 election. “Your page has reduced distribution and other restrictions because of repeated sharing of false news. People will also be able to see if a Page has a history of sharing false news.”


Facebook operates like the Chinese Communist Party, must be held to account for attacking American democracy

Carlson was previously censored by Facebook for airing an interview with a Chinese dissident who claimed that covid-19 was created by Chinese government researchers. It seems Facebook is protecting China and their unethical gain of function coronavirus research that was conducted in Wuhan. The Chinese Communist Party not only controls social media and internet content in China, but they are gaining a stranglehold over the information that is shared in the US.

Tucker Carlson has been boldly documenting the crimes of the Democrat Party while criticizing their alliance with big tech monopolies in Silicon Valley. He has exposed the left’s mob violence and has provided a channel for victims to speak out and have their voices heard. Carlson has called out Democrat governors who have weaponized virus fears to control people’s lives, threaten individual liberties, and ruin people’s businesses and careers. In 2020, Carlson has aired so many important facts and conversations that Facebook is compelled to target the show and go after Carlson’s voice in the run-up to the 2020 elections. Facebook has become a totalitarian nightmare, stifling American democracy, and they must be held to account.

The Department of Justice is in the process of stripping social media companies of their censorship powers, reforming section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which has allowed Facebook to remove any conservative or independent content they determine to be “objectionable.” Under the reform, this term “objectionable” will  be defined and Facebook will have to be transparent with their content moderation practices. On the other hand, the Democrats have already outlined their plan to allow Facebook to censor conservatives and independents at will and interfere in elections on the Democrat’s behalf. In fact, Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, has already called on Facebook and other social media companies to ramp up their efforts to silence conservatives and other dissenting voices under the banner of protecting the public from “misinformation” and “false news.”

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