BLM invades Trader Joe’s to protest lack of black access to grocery stores

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Image: BLM invades Trader Joe’s to protest lack of black access to grocery stores

(Natural News) A horde of mostly white Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters invaded a Trader Joe’s in Seattle the other day to scream about how blacks supposedly do not have enough “access to grocery stores.”

This far-left occupation of one of America’s most cherished grocery chains involved protesters confronting random shoppers, blocking the entrance to the store, and being as obnoxious as possible while customers were simply trying to buy dinner for their families.

The mob’s complaint is that “capitalism,” like the kind embraced by Trader Joe’s, “exploits the working class.” This is despite the fact that Trader Joe’s has repeatedly been praised by its employees for offering fair wages and good working conditions.

Smashing capitalism and replacing it with socialism, the protesters blared, would somehow lead to more grocery stores like Trader Joe’s opening up locations in black neighborhoods where currently there are only hair salons and crime.

“If Ballard residents won’t come to the protest, we’ll bring the protest to them!” tweeted “Morning March Seattle” alongside a photo of an unmasked, black BLM protester inside the Trader Joe’s lecturing shoppers about their “privilege.”

“We stopped by the local Trader Joe’s this morning to share some education about lack of access to grocery stores in Black and Brown communities and the barriers that creates (sic), how capitalism exploits the working class, and of course gentrification.”


The group went on to explain that “Manager Scotty,” the captain in charge of the Ballard Trader Joe’s, threatened to call the police to have the disruptors removed from his store. They also claim he “locked out his own customers” by securing the front door so as to protect customers from being accosted by the mob.

“Remember y’all: if Black lives matter, you have to do what? PROVE IT!” the post arrogantly concluded.

So we need Redistribution Joe’s instead of Trader Joe’s?

The irony of this pathetic display is that it directly contradicts the message sent by far-leftists to Trader Joe’s back in 2019 when it opened up a store in a “gentrified” area of Portland.

At that time, protesters lamented the fact that the area where the Trader Joe’s was opened also saw the “widening” of bicycle lanes,” which represents one of the “conflicts between white Portlanders and long-time black residents” who live in the area.

“So … leftists block Trader Joe’s from building stores, and then protest the ‘lack of access’ to those stores,” writes Bryan Preston for PJ Media.

“Why doesn’t this compute? Were there guards blocking these protesters from entering the store they protested over ‘lack of access?’ Were there any actual impediments to them entering? … Were the roads blocked? If they were, it was probably by another of these protest groups. Blocking people from doing things is their jam.”

In other words, the schizophrenic BLM mob is demanding that grocery stores like Trader Joe’s not open up in areas where black people live because this represents “racism.” Simultaneously, the BLM mob is also demanding that more Trader Joe’s do open up in black areas because black people supposedly have no access to grocery stores.

Talk about nonsensical mind games.

The essence of BLM’s demands is that stores like Trader Joe’s need to be reinvented in order to become Redistribution Joe’s, where the food is free and blacks have unlimited access to it right at their doorsteps. Anything less is “racism,” and must be abolished.

“Lack of access? They smashed windows and just walked in and looted,” joked one Twitter commenter about the absurd claim that blacks lack access to grocery stores.

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