Harvard doctoral student claims that 2+2 is indeed equal to 5

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Image: Harvard doctoral student claims that 2+2 is indeed equal to 5

(Natural News) When someone is asked to answer the common mathematical equation two plus two, they would usually answer “four” in a quick manner. However, a doctoral student from Harvard University claims the correct answer is “five,” not “four.”

Kareem Carr, a post-graduate student at the university’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, explained on his Twitter that statements such as “2+2 = 4” are generalizations of “something.” He advised readers to think of these statements as “associated with an underlying reality.” Carr also claimed that mathematical equations that society uses to represent real-world scenarios do not always apply. He elaborated on this by using examples of literal-minded people using different examples, such as putting a rooster and a hen together and finding three of them after returning a year later (1+1=3) and leaving a fox and a hen together and only finding one after returning a year later (1+1=1).

In addition, Carr pointed out that whenever one creates a numerical construct such as IQ, aggression score or sentimental score, it was important to remember that properties of this score might not mirror the real things being measured. He mentioned statistical models being used to harm marginalized groups across many parameters as an example. (Related: Harvard, Yale brazenly COMMIT to discriminating against people based on the color of their skin.)

The answer to two plus two is still four no matter how “oppressive” it is

However, not everyone took kindly to Carr’s explanation. One user on Twitter mocked the current state of the education system, calling it “literally Orwellian.” British author George Orwell used the concept of 2+2=5 in his book “1984” as an example of how the human mind can deny objective reality. Another user commented that “the scary kind of stupidity is attempting to change what is into what is isn’t,” which appears to be the case with Carr.


Dr. James Lindsay, an American mathematician, wrote down his take on Carr’s 2+2=5 explanation at the New Discourses blog. He outlined that Carr and other academicians subscribing to leftist thinking attempt to redefine what reality is, claiming that “dominant and hegemonic” discourses exclude their version of reality.

Furthermore, Lindsay elaborated how easy it is for leftist academicians to redefine what words and symbols mean to create a different interpretation of two plus two altogether. In summary, Lindsay stated this as an attempt to radically rewrite the objectivity of math – with other viewpoints that do not conform to the “truth” activists are pushing to be eradicated.

In a piece for The Federalist, Katya Sedgewick pointed out that 2+2=4 is a simple truth, and getting people to agree that this is not the case was disorienting. Sedgewick also added that math is the single most liberating field of knowledge as it relies on logic, is unaffected by any ideologies, and is independent of fact gathering.

A Twitter user named Wokal Distance further explained the nuances of the 2+2=5 argument pushed by Carr and other individuals in the education field. According to this user, proponents of 2+2=5 are trying to redefine the objectively correct 2+2=4 through the process of deconstruction. When the meaning of a thing is unstable, people can put forward their subjective conclusions about it.

He further explains that if the idea that racism, sexism and bigotry is weaved into everything – math is simply dismissed as a tool for oppression, destroying its true essence.

Sedgewick warned that schoolchildren will be brainwashed to believe 2+2=5, thanks to left-leaning educators and bureaucrats. She further added that these educators and bureaucrats, with their positions in government and academia, could simply issue an edict saying that 2+2 does not necessarily equal to four.

Find out more news about other left-wing absurdities in academia, including Kareem Carr’s 2+2=5 argument and more, at CampusInsanity.com.

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