Professors are having their careers threatened for supporting “Back the Blue” rallies

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Image: Professors are having their careers threatened for supporting “Back the Blue” rallies

(Natural News) Three professors who attended a “Back the Blue” rally in Saratoga Springs, New York are having their careers threatened. A group of cry-bully students from Skidmore College are demanding that the president of the college terminate the three professors because they attended a rally in support of American police officers.

Skidmore College President Marc Conner has yet to reject the student demands. By hesitating in weakness, the college President gives this insane student mob more negotiating power, as if he owes them an apology. Chaos is the only philosophy that’s allowed at universities now.

Bow to the Left and denounce law enforcement or lose your career

The group of social justice warriors not only want the professors terminated, but they claim that all pro-police faculty should be required to explain themselves for supporting police officers. In other words, college professors must think, believe and support the mob’s demands, no matter how disrespectful their demands are.

What’s being proposed: If a professor’s fundamental belief system angers the mob, the professor must appear on trial before the mob, confess their beliefs and denounce their support of law enforcement in order to retain their careers.

The targeted faculty include art professors David and Andrea Peterson, a married couple, and music lecturer Mark Vinci, a Grammy-nominated jazz musician. These fine professors are being told they must explain their decision to attend a rally that supports law enforcement.

The social justice warriors go by the name Pass the Mic. They claim that the Peterson’s decision to attend the rally was “unacceptable.” The student group demands that the college administration address the two professors’ pro-police stance and explain to them how this stance impacts their teaching skills. The group emailed nineteen other demands they want the college administration to follow.


“I am emailing you absolutely outraged at the fact that Skidmore studio art professors David Peterson and Andrea Peterson, were seen protesting with Blue Lives Matter protestors, while Skidmore alumni and students were being teargassed and attacked on the other side of the street,” the letter reads. “This is absolutely unacceptable and reinforces what we art students have always known.”

The letter accuses Professor David Peterson of being “racist sexist, and non-inclusive.” The social justice warriors accused Professor Peterson of consistently mistreating “non-cis white male students.” They wrote that because Peterson supports law enforcement officers, “he is openly advocating and preaching exclusionary, racist and fascist ideology.”

Students demand that professors undergo “reoccurring anti-racist training”

Even more, the students demand that the college force all professors and students to undergo “reoccurring anti-racist training” and to give more money to fund new departments that focus on the “study of African history and African diaspora.”

Their demands have reportedly been sent to the Art Department Chair Janet Sorenson, Dean of Faculty Michael Orr, Associate Dean of Faculty for Diversity Janet Casey, Dean of Students Cerri Banks and President Marc Conner, all of whom have yet to stand up to these students and put them in their place. (Related: It’s time to deny all government funding to liberal colleges that cannot stand up to their own deranged, intolerant students.)

Skidmore spokesperson Diane O’Connor did not stand up for the faculty members at all, but instead succumbed to the mob. “Skidmore College is committed to actively listening to our students and community members and participating in ongoing dialogue around issues that affect our community with the goal of improving the Skidmore experience for all individuals,” she said.

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