3 men allegedly shot by Kyle Rittenhouse: Burglar, pedophile, and domestic abuser

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Image: 3 men allegedly shot by Kyle Rittenhouse: Burglar, pedophile, and domestic abuser

17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse faces first degree murder charges after police say he shot three rioters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as protests over a police involved shooting devolved into rioting over the last week, and now National File is able to report the backgrounds of the three alleged victims.

(Natural News) (Article by Lionel Du Cane republished from NationalFile.com)

Two of the three gunshot victims died shortly after sustaining their injuries. A third was shot in the arm, causing gruesome injuries, but survived his wounds. Outpourings and eulogies of the victims followed as the mainstream and social media rushed to celebrate the fallen martyrs.

One victim, Anthony Huber, 24, was shot in the chest at close range and died at the scene for attempting to attack Rittenhouse with a skateboard as he was on the ground. Huber was lavished with praise and dubbed a “hero” for his actions by many.

Via National File:

Huber was arrested in 2012 for charges including domestic violence, “Use of Dangerous Weapon,” “Strangulation & Suffocation,” “False Imprisonment,” and battery. He was ultimately convicted of strangling and falsely imprisoning a person.

Huber was sentenced to two years in prison, and was credited for 352 days served during his case. He was released from probation for this conviction in May of 2020.

Then, in 2018, after Huber was released from prison but still on probation for his 2012 conviction, he was arrested for domestic abuse, disorderly conduct, and battery. He was ultimately convicted and sentenced to probation.

Huber was also caught in possession of drug paraphernalia, which is not a criminal offense in the state of Wisconsin, in 2015.

 The second fatality was of 36-year-old Joseph “JoJo” Rosenbaum, a father of a two-year-old girl, who was seen taunting Rittenhouse by saying “shoot me n***a” just before he was shot in the head.

Rosenbaum was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years for two counts of sexual conduct with a minor. He served his sentence in Arizona State Prison Complex-Eyman where he racked up 42 disciplinary infractions behind bars during his lengthy sentence.

Following his stint at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Eyman, Rosenbaum was convicted of a parole violation where he was accused of tampering with a monitoring device.


The final victim, Gaige P. Grosskreutz, 26, of West Allis suffered a gruesome gunshot wound to his arm, tearing away much flesh and leaving a cavity on the inside of his elbow and bicep. He is expected to survive the shooting.

In 2013, Grosskreutz was arrested and charged with felony burglary, theft, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. It is unclear whether he was convicted of a felony.

He was arrested again in 2017. And, in 2019, he pleaded no contest to a Non-Traffic Ordinance Violation.

Grosskreutz is a member of the fringe radical movement the People’s Revolution Movement of Milwaukee which was called a “social justice reform group” by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The National Guard was deployed to instill order in the Wisconsin city that was rocked by nights of civil unrest, burning buildings and vehicles, and violence.

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