Why did Ohio ban hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 patients – to increase suffering and mortality rates?

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Image: Why did Ohio ban hydroxychloroquine for covid-19 patients – to increase suffering and mortality rates?

(Natural News) A highly effective, three-part protocol for treating covid-19 patients is being censored by the social media giants and is being banned by entire states. The State of Ohio issued a directive banning hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and chloroquine for treating covid-19 patients. These draconian measures are being laid out after a group of doctors came forward with evidence that HCQ works as both a prophylactic and a therapeutic, helping deliver zinc into cells, thereby strengthening the patient’s immune response to recover from the infection.

UPDATE: Ohio has reportedly reversed its ban after a huge outcry against its initial an. This story explores the original motivations for why Ohio banned hydroxychloroquine in the first place.

Ohio leaving patients helpless in the fight against covid-19

By banning HCQ and chloroquine, Ohio is complicit in crimes against humanity, forcing patients to suffer, and permitting thousands more needless deaths. The censorship and blockade of this sixty-five-year-old antiviral compound shows how desperate pharmaceutical companies and vaccine makers really are — to keep mortality rates high, to instill greater fear, to push for multiple new restrictions on our lives and to force dependence on vaccinations and experimental gene therapies, administered multiple times a year, every year, for life.

Pharmaceutical companies are putting their gain above the misery of covid-19 victims, withholding information on antiviral compounds that could save lives for a small price. The people who are in charge of Ohio are clearly puppets of these pharmaceutical companies. Their directive reads, “prescriptions issued for chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for prophylactic use related to COVID-19 or for the treatment of COVID19 are strictly prohibited.”


Furthermore, “No prescription for chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine may be dispensed by a pharmacist or sold at retail by a licensed terminal distributor of dangerous drugs, including prescriptions for patients residing in Ohio dispensed or sold at retail by nonresident terminal distributors of dangerous drugs as defined in rule 4729:5-8-01 of the Administrative Code.” Exceptions are made only when the prescription is reviewed by board approved clinical trials that the patient must enroll in.

Studies show how HCQ and zinc help patient immune systems recover

A study by Martin Scholz, Roland Derwand, and Vladimir Zelenko shows how this three-part treatment protocol can lower mortality rates and ease suffering from covid-19. Out of 335 covid-19 patients, 141 were treated with the three-part therapy and 208 were not treated because they did not meet the risk criteria. After four days of symptom onset, 141 patients received a five-day course of the triple therapy. Their outcomes were compared with 377 control patients with confirmed covid-19 infection who were left untreated. Only four of the treated patients (2.8%) were hospitalized compared to 58 of the untreated patients (15.4%). The patients who were given anti-viral medicine to help their immune system were 84 percent less likely to be hospitalized than those who did not receive treatment. Mortality occurred in one patient who was treated and in thirteen patients who were untreated. The researchers concluded, “Risk stratification-based treatment of COVID-19 outpatients as early as possible after symptom onset with the used triple therapy, including the combination of zinc with low dose hydroxychloroquine, was associated with significantly less hospitalizations and 5 times less all-cause deaths.”

Their research has been replicated by other doctors around the world, including Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Houston, TX physician who successfully treated three hundred fifty patients with the protocol, a 100 percent success rate!

Every official in Ohio who is making it extremely difficult to access this proven three-part treatment protocol, should be held accountable. The focus of all government and public health officials should be to get information and resources out to the public as quick as possible so Americans can conquer the virus and build herd immunity, but there continues to be a blackout on the strategies for strengthening individual immune responses. This crisis has become less a pandemic and more so a genocide.

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