CNN bullies Sinclair into axing scheduled interview with Plandemic’s Dr. Judy Mikovits

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Image: CNN bullies Sinclair into axing scheduled interview with Plandemic’s Dr. Judy Mikovits

(Natural News) The Sinclair Broadcast Group has caved to threats from CNN over its planned airing of a “controversial” interview featuring Plandemic‘s Dr. Judy Mikovits, which will no longer be shown to viewers.

As part of an investigative look into various perspectives concerning the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Sinclair had planned to air this interview with the author and creator of the popular Plandemic film and book, which call into question the official government narrative. But this is no longer happening thanks to CNN censorship.

After CNN learned that Dr. Mikovits was going to have a wide platform to present her viewpoint that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is not what it seems, the fake news network created an online petition demanding that Sinclair pull the interview from its lineup, or else.

Sinclair had initially refused to capitulate, explaining to CNN that “at no juncture are we aligning with or endorsing the viewpoints of Dr. Mikovits.” The goal was simply to have a conversation about the topic so viewers could make up their own minds based on the presented information.

However, allowing viewers to think for themselves does not align with CNN‘s agenda, prompting it to launch a campaign against Sinclair’s right to free speech. And sadly, Sinclair eventually relented to CNN‘s threat by agreeing to cancel the interview’s airing.

“We are incredibly aware of the dangers of COVID-19 and our stations across 81 markets have remained steadfast in covering their communities with a focus on safety and adherence to local protocols and regulations nationwide,” the broadcaster tweeted.


“After further review, we have decided to delay this episode’s airing. We will spend the coming days bringing together other viewpoints and provide additional context. All stations have been notified not to air this and will instead be re-airing last week’s episode in its place,” it further added.

First Amendment-hating leftists call for Sinclair to be abolished for daring to support free speech

Not stopping there, Sinclair made sure to brown-nose “America’s doctor” Anthony Fauci, claiming that it “valiantly support[s]” his work “to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

This was clearly added to diffuse CNN‘s triggering over the fact that Dr. Mikovits has heavily criticized Fauci over his bungling of the crisis, not to mention his lying about the effectiveness of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as a proven coronavirus remedy.

The only position concerning Fauci that CNN is willing to accept is one that worships him as some kind of medical god, ignoring his blatant contradictions and financial conflicts of interest as if they are irrelevant or fictitious.

Molly Jong-Fast, the “editor at large” of The Daily Beast, was quick to brag on Twitter that she and her ilk had successfully “shamed [Sinclair] into doing the right thing.” Russ Bengtson, another far-leftist who works for the mainstream media, took it a step further by tweeting, “Can we shame them out of business next.”

Others, including one Twitter user named “Sheila” whose profile picture depicts a cartoon image of President Trump slicing off the head of the Statue of Liberty, are still upset that Sinclair used the word “delaying” in its tweet, suggesting that at some point in the future this leftist-dreaded interview might still air.

“DELAYING IS NOT SUFFICIENT!!!” this Sheila character shrieked, adding “DESTROY IT!”

In other words, when leftists do not agree with someone’s viewpoints or perspectives, their immediate and only response is to destroy it. There is no room for free speech, ever, despite the left’s insistence that it supports “democracy” and the right to have one’s voice be heard.

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