College calls police on student for email mocking diversity demands, as free speech dies on campuses across the country

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Image: College calls police on student for email mocking diversity demands, as free speech dies on campuses across the country

(Natural News) Once considered bastions of free speech and expression, America’s college campuses today are no longer zones where students can exchange and debate differing ideas.

These days, most colleges and universities are ‘owned’ by Left-wing Nazi-like authoritarians who don’t tolerate any ‘wrongthink’ — that is, ideas and thoughts and expressions that go against Marxist/Socialist dogma. 

And forget having a sense of humor.

As reported by the College Fix, tyrannical administrators at a Pennsylvania liberal arts college suspended a student and actually called the police on him after he reportedly sent an email that made fun of ridiculous demands for a “stronger bias response team,” whatever that is, and “required classes on systemic racism” (another phony-baloney Left-wing construct aimed at extracting extra-constitutional privilege for minorities at the expense of white people).

The site noted further: 

Colin Daly also said students can’t blame “skin color” for their problems, which could stem from “a lack of personal responsibility, lack of growing up in a stable two-parent household, or a general disinclination for learning of the college variety.”

The senior wrote the email to the Juniata College community anonymously but accidentally “left identifying information on the system he used to distribute his post to all of Juniata’s email accounts,” according to PennLive.

Before school administrators identified Daly as the author of the email, which was dated June 26, they claimed he made physical threats against students (not unlike, say, any unhinged, brainwashed, Left-wing hate-bot who gets triggered by anything a conservative says).


Juniata College President James Troha said in a statement that the email contained “slurs, hateful language, and intimations of violence directed at members of our community on the basis of their identity.”

Shortly thereafter, the college put out another statement saying that “law enforcement agencies are continuing their own investigations of the matter,” which implied that the then-unidentified student (Daly) allegedly broke state and federal laws…by writing an email…touting ‘personal responsibility.’

This is the state of higher education in America in 2020. (Related: Anti-Christian domestic terrorists now targeting churches with vandalism, arson.)

“Last night, members of our community received an offensive and hateful email which violated the values and standards of the Juniata community, leaving many of our community members feeling afraid, angry, vulnerable and unsafe,” Troha said, accusing Daly of “intimations of violence” or something similar.

“This kind of intolerance and bigotry at Juniata underscores the urgency and commitment with which we must work to achieve the promise of a just and equitable Juniata so that ALL members of our community are made to feel valued and included,” Troha added.

Why is it that the Left is comfortable with being intolerant and non-inclusive while claiming to be just the opposite during the process of denying ideological opponents their constitutional right to speak and to disagree? 

Why is Marxist ‘groupthink’ inclusive but conservative rationale and reasoning is ‘intolerant?’ 

How is it that this schmuck can pick a side and not realize or understand that by doing so, he’s being an exclusionary hypocrite?

Here’s another joke: The school is supposedly affiliated with the Church of the Brethren, but it doesn’t bill itself as a religious institution. Nor, obviously, do its administrators practice Christian values (equality of speech, equality of thought).

Thankfully, rational minds prevailed.

PennLive noted that District Attorney Dave Smith said the email didn’t rise to the level of “terrorist threats” or “hate crime provisions,” though the Left hates it when conservatives confront them over their lunacy.

As such, he didn’t bother to interview Daly or try to get a search warrant to examine his electronic devices. 

We can envision Smith looking at the school’s complaint and shaking his head in disbelief.

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