Woke L’OREAL vows to remove the phrase “whitening” from their skin products, even though “whitening” is their entire function

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Image: Woke L’OREAL vows to remove the phrase “whitening” from their skin products, even though “whitening” is their entire function

(Natural News) “Whitening” products are the next victim of the race-baiting cancel culture – a cult-like movement of thought control and false guilt that has convinced WHITE people that they are inherently racist and must kneel to the Black Lives Matter mob. This cult-like mentality shames whites by making them feel responsible for their ancestors’ racism. Whites are impure and sinful and can only be atoned if whites “pay reparations” to everyone of color that they offend. The left’s race war and white shaming has become so obsessive, corporations are trying to get rid of the word “white” while rewriting their marketing phrases. This race baiting political correctness is polluting human intelligence and is an insult to people of all races.

Skin “whitening” products are now deemed “racist” and are being censored

L’OREAL recently announced that they will remove the phrase “whitening” from the packaging and marketing materials for all their skin products. It won’t be long before teeth “whitening” products are eliminated from the market as well. If it’s racist to use skin lightening crème, is it also racist to want WHITE teeth? Will liberals ask for “teeth blackening” treatments out of support for BLM? Will tanning lotions and skin darkening crèmes become trendy with pale white liberals, who live like ghosts in their mother’s basement?

Corporate America continues on with their race-baiting crusade and their mentally abject parade of white guilt. In order to eradicate racism, corporations continue to shame an entire race (whites) while funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter mobs who continue to extort businesses using both violence and sociopathic false guilt tactics. Everyone is manipulated into going along with the white guilt crusade, their intelligence insulted, as any mention of “whiteness” is equivalent to being undesirable and unfair.


L’OREAL didn’t stop with just “white” and “whitening” products. They also decided to remove any mention of “fair skin” from their packaging and “light/lightening” which is used to describe light skin which is to now to be viewed as evil. According to L’OREAL and the cult-like cancel culture, these terms — “lightening” and “fair skin” — are an act of aggression toward people of color and are outright discriminatory toward the black community. To seem tolerant of all races, L’OREAL said they would no longer use the term “white” to market their products.

L’OREAL isn’t the only corporation trying to destroy the English language with virtue signaling that is really just race baiting nonsense. In fact, Unilever announced they would stop promoting a “singular ideal of beauty that we don’t think is right.” The companies will no longer market skin lightening crèmes to people of color, even though this is what some people do: change their skin tones, either with tanning lotion or skin whitening crèmes. So be it!

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