Mainstream media stoking racial tensions over Bubba Wallace incident despite FBI concluding it wasn’t a hate crime

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Image: Mainstream media stoking racial tensions over Bubba Wallace incident despite FBI concluding it wasn’t a hate crime

(Natural News) When what appeared to be a noose was found in the garage of NASCAR’s only full-time black driver, Bubba Wallace, some observers immediately jumped to the conclusion that it must be a hate crime. The FBI was called in to investigate, and they found that although the pull rope on the garage door was indeed tied into a noose, footage showed it had actually been there since a Cup Series race in October 2019, when a different driver was using the garage.

This led them to conclude that the rope was not a hate crime targeting Wallace. According to FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp Jr. and U.S. Attorney Jay Town, “nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned” to that particular stall.

However, the mainstream media finds it hard to resist a good racism story, which is why CBS and NBC reporters are continuing to push the narrative that this was indeed a hate crime while interviewing the driver on TV.

On CBS This Morning, co-host Gayle King – a personal friend of the Obamas and a big-time Democratic donor – said: “Do you think that you were the target of a hate crime? I know what the federal investigators are saying. What do you think happened here?”

Even after he replied that he did not think so, she continued to talk as though there was still a question about it and commented that he seemed “down” and “frustrated.” She went on to say that “…you have a lot of support from people who are cheering you on, who don’t appreciate what you’ve been through. Who don’t appreciate now that people are trying to change the narrative of this story. “


Of course, it’s really King who is trying to change the narrative here, continuing to pretend as though someone placed a noose in his garage because he’s black when there is hard proof that it was there long before that garage was used by Wallace.

NBC also seemed quite invested in the hate crime narrative, with Today co-host Craig Melvin asking him if he thinks that this passes “the smell test” and whether or not he believes the noose was designed to intimidate him or make a statement. This was after Wallace discussed his relief that it turned out not be a hate crime. It looks like the mainstream media is in complete denial.

Wallace himself told Jesse Watters it was just an unfortunate coincident, saying: “But getting to the bottom of it, somebody has tied this, whether it was a bad joke or whatever they thought, whatever their intent might have been, it wasn’t to attack me or scare me. It was something that coincidentally happened to be in my garage for the next race.”

Why does the mainstream media want to create tension?

The FBI found clear proof it wasn’t a hate crime, so why does the mainstream media insist on continuing to stoke racial tensions at a time when they are already bringing on so much violence? They appeared to be desperately trying to make this out to be a racist act, which is pretty irresponsible as it could have led to violence at future NASCAR races and elsewhere.

NASCAR has said that although the investigation is over, they’ll be adding cameras to garages and requiring industry members to undergo sensitivity and unconscious bias training.

Wallace has been a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter, and he played a key role in the recent ban on the Confederate flag at NASCAR events. At this weekend’s race at the Pocono Raceway, Wallace will have extra security in light of death threats as well as accusations by some that he perpetrated a hoax.

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