Corporate media heads say “objectivity” in news coverage is “racist” – a relic of “white newsrooms”

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Image: Corporate media heads say “objectivity” in news coverage is “racist” – a relic of “white newsrooms”

(Natural News) The Washington Post, CBS News, the San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous other mainstream news outlets are abandoning “objectivity” in their news coverage because they say that accuracy and truth are symbols of “racism” that hearken back to the relic of “white newsrooms.”

Former Post editor Leonard Downie Jr. and former CBS president Andrew Heyward have both participated in interviews in which they argued that truthfulness in reporting distorts the news because this standard of accuracy “was dictated over decades by male editors in predominantly White newsrooms and reinforced their own view of the world,” to quote Downie Jr.

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, the editor-in-chief of the Chronicle, put it more bluntly when he stated that “objectivity has got to go” because of the “whiteness” it allegedly promotes. (Related: According to The New York Times, racism against whites isn’t racism.)

“The media figures argued that journalists should include their own beliefs, biases, and experiences to convey truth, and that journalistic objectivity was either unrealistic or undesirable,” reported The Daily Caller about this shift away from objective news coverage.

If telling the truth represents “whiteness,” does lying represent “blackness?”

For whatever reason, the only way to keep things from staying or becoming too “white” is to stop reporting the truth. “Diversity” can only thrive, we are told, if everything becomes subjective and there is no more truth.


According to Downie Jr., covering both sides of a story, especially when said story is “about race, the treatment of women, LGBTQ+ rights, income inequality, climate change, and many other subjects,” is unacceptable if a news outlet hopes to avoid becoming “racist.”

Kathleen Carroll, a former executive editor at The Associated Press (AP), agrees. She stated that objectivity is wrong because it is a standard that was set by “White, educated, and fairly wealthy” people.

“What we found has convinced us that truth-seeking news media must move beyond whatever ‘objectivity’ once meant to produce more trustworthy news,” Downie Jr. added about this new anti-white agenda being embraced by the legacy media machine.

One real-life example of what Downie Jr. means by this is stories about violent crimes committed by people with dark skin. Especially when those violent incidents occur against people with light skin, the mainstream media will go out of its way to conceal the racial identities of the perpetrators and victims to avoid fueling “systemic racism.”

Another example is reporting on crime statistics that show the vast majority of violent crimes are committed by black people, which make up a very small percentage of the overall American population. Rather than tell the truth about this, the legacy media will simply ignore it to avoid spreading “racism.”

Chris Menahan of Information Liberation also brought up a story first published by the Times about a 12-year-old “Black” girl who was supposedly bullied by “Whites.” It turns out the whole thing was completely made up, but because it made “Black” look good and “White” look bad, the Times went with it anyway.

“Their statements are all objectively idiotic but they don’t even realize it because they’ve abandoned all objectivity!” he says.

In the comments, a Natural News reader wrote that these fake news outlets are acting like bullies against people with white skin by denigrating honest and fair reporting as something bad just because white people are associated with it.

“They are wackos, plain and simple,” this person wrote. “Why argue with a nut? Only another nut would argue with a nut. When you are intelligent, now there is a reason to partake in discussions with sane people.”

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