Because Hollywood rape and pedophilia isn’t quite enough, actress Kristen Bell seems to also support the MAIMING of children with toxic vaccines

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Image: Because Hollywood rape and pedophilia isn’t quite enough, actress Kristen Bell seems to also support the MAIMING of children with toxic vaccines

(Natural News) During a recent live taping of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” a pair of brave vaccine safety advocates spoke out against show guest and actress Kristen Bell, who as you may already know is one of the most vocal pro-vaxxers in show business.

Since Bell has been making the television rounds pushing parents to jab their children with every single one of the dozens of vaccines “recommended” by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), members of the group “V is for Vaccine” decided to take action against this propaganda from right within the belly of the beast.

After obtaining tickets to the show’s taping, several women from V is for Vaccine quietly waited until Bell took the stage before standing up and shouting: “Stop discriminating against vaccine-injured children, Kristen! Let’s have a discussion.”

The taping of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was immediately stopped, and bodyguard thugs proceeded to forcibly try to arrest the two women by illegally impersonating police officers. They also grabbed one of the women by the boobs, and knocked the other one’s head into a brick wall – which is right up Kimmel’s alley, seeing as how he dedicated an entire episode of his former “The Man Show” to petitioning women to grab his private parts.

These women further explained that they desperately tried to flee the set as quickly as possible, only to be attacked and assaulted by at least four burly men who chased them while yelling: “Don’t let them out! Don’t let them out!”


“They put three guys on her and three guys on me,” one of the women explained about how “Jimmy Kimmel Live” security thugs tried to block the women from leaving the building, while simultaneously trying to arrest them while impersonating real cops.

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If you question vaccine safety, Jimmy Kimmel will have his mafia thugs sexually assault you, beat your head into a wall, and falsely claim to be law enforcement before illegally trying to arrest you

The whole incident so shook up these two women that they told reporters afterward that they’ve never experienced such horror in their lives.

“This was a complete violation,” the one woman explained, still clearly reliving the fear and horror of having been attacked and assaulted by the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” crew. “He was grabbing boobs, it was just complete chaos.”

“I’m trying to just be calm because they say they’re going to arrest us and they’re taking us to jail, but Julie said, ‘for what?’ Trespassing. No, we had tickets to be in there. And she asked, ‘What’s the code?’ And the guy that was twisting my arm and harassing me, I said, ‘You’re not even a cop.’ And he said, ‘How do you know if I’m a cop?’ I said, ‘Where’s your badge?’ And he said, ‘What, are you a lawyer?'” this woman went on to explain.

In other words, security workers at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” sexually assaulted these two women, violently attacked them while beating one of them into a brick wall, and proceeded to lie about being actual law enforcement while pretending to handcuff and place the women under arrest. So much for “#metoo” and “#believewomen.”

“He wasn’t a cop and he completely assaulted me and Julie,” the one woman explained as she burst into tears. “I’ve never been so scared physically of a man.”

Video footage of these two women’s horrific experience, as well as recordings of the assault as captured while they were on the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” set, is available for viewing at

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