A survivalist’s last resort: Is it safe to drink your urine when SHTF?

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Image: A survivalist’s last resort: Is it safe to drink your urine when SHTF?

(Natural News) The thought of drinking urine is disgusting, but it may just save your life – if the situation calls for it.

Drinking pee, also called urine therapy, has been practiced for many centuries. Some beliefs claim that it has healing properties. However, numerous studies say the opposite, stating that drinking pee is inadvisable.

Still, a lot of inadvisable practices become practical when you’re in an SHTF situation. If you ever find yourself stranded in the desert or in any other place with absolutely no water – you may not have a choice. (h/t to ThePreppingGuide.com)

Can you drink your own pee?

The quick answer is yes. Urine comprises of 95 percent water. When you are stranded and in dire need of water, that doesn’t sound too bad. The problem lies in the remaining five percent.

The five percent is comprised of the body’s waste products. These include salts, ammonia, and other byproducts. The kidneys act as filter for the blood and sifts these compounds from the body. These compounds become toxic in higher levels. Along with excess water, the body releases these waste products as urine.
These waste compounds are highly concentrated when they pass as urine. While the excess water may dilute it, it is still not advisable to drink your pee.

Does drinking pee have health risks?

When you drink your own pee, the same waste products that you eliminated will enter the body once more. It means that the body ingests and filters the same compounds repeatedly, causing dangerously high levels of toxic compounds within your body.

Before taking a sip of your pee, here are the risks to consider:



Urine contains high quantities of sodium. It is possible to feel hydrated after taking a sip, but continuous ingestion may only make you feel more thirsty. As the levels of sodium in the urine increases over time, the body needs more and more water in order to dilute it.

Kidney failure

The kidneys are in charge of filtering the wasteful compounds in the body. Not only does it ensure that the body can properly perform its functions, it also ensures its survival. Drinking urine may cause kidney failure, and you can’t reverse this. Once the kidneys are damaged, you have to take dialysis or kidney transplant.


Reintroducing the same toxic compounds in the body can cause them to fester. This can lead to infecting crucial parts of the body, such as the mouth, stomach, or throat. These body parts are all crucial in your survival, so you may want to rethink drinking your pee.

Upset stomach

Aside from the kidneys, the stomach is also one of the major organs affected. Instead of consuming nutrients and other healthy compounds, drinking pee is like eating food waste. This can cause vomiting, queasiness, and diarrhea. Overall, you will feel really sick.

Is pee at least sterile?

Some people claim that urine is sterile once it exists the body. This belief most likely stemmed from a series of experiments conducted in Harvard Medical. The researcher found that urine samples gathered from pre-op surgery patients were marked “negative” for urinary tract infections.

However, recent studies have shown that the urinary tract is host to bacterial colonies. Researchers from Loyola University Chicago found that even the urethra is home to some bacteria.

As urine passes through, these bacteria join the rest of the compounds in the urine. While they may have beneficial properties in the urinary tract, they can potentially become harmful if they enter the bloodstream through a wound.

Overall, drinking urine is inadvisable. But in an SHTF situation, you may not have a choice. It can work as an emergency source of water, but it has detrimental effects over time. The best course of action is to find an alternative source of water in the area or make sure to prepare water bottles beforehand.

It pays to be prepared before SHTF if you don’t want to find yourself needing to drink your own pee. Learn more at Preparedness.news.

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