Transgender indoctrination threatens gay children, warns gay activist

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Image: Transgender indoctrination threatens gay children, warns gay activist

(Natural News) An outspoken homosexual and New York Magazine writer has come forward to admit that the transgender movement is harming children.

Andrew Sullivan warns that today’s youth are being perpetually bombarded with “trans” propaganda to the point that many of them are convinced that any deviation from traditional gender norms automatically makes them “non-binary.”

“Increasingly, girly boys and tomboys are being told that gender trumps sex, and if a boy is effeminate or bookish or freaked out by team sports, he may actually be a girl,” Sullivan wrote in a piece that was published on September 20.

“… and if a girl is rough and tumble, sporty, and plays with boys, she may actually be a boy,” he added.

Such nonsense is taking a huge psychological toll on many children, who can no longer discern what they even are, thanks to this barrage of LGBTQ indoctrination. Even “gay” kids, Sullivan warns, are being harmed by this movement, which is creating more confusion and problems than anything else.

“I don’t have children, but I sure worry about gay kids in this context,” he says. “I remember being taunted by some other kids when I was young – they suggested that because I was mildly gender-nonconforming, I must be a girl.”

“If my teachers and parents and doctors had adopted this new ideology, I might never have found the happiness of being gay and comfort in being male,” he went on to write.

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Transgender ideology may actually be inherently homophobic, Sullivan contends

Ironically, transgender ideology is extremely black and white when it comes to where kids fall on the gender “spectrum.” As Sullivan points out, if there’s even a hint of alternate gender expression in a child, the transgender lobby says that’s “proof” a child is trans.

But this is complete rubbish, of course, as every person is different, despite how the trans mafia wants to force everyone into one single “trans” identity.

“In some ways, the extremism of the new transgender ideology also risks becoming homophobic,” Sullivan contends. “Instead of seeing effeminate men as one kind of masculinity, as legitimate as any other, transgenderism insists that girliness requires being a biological girl.”

“Similarly, a tomboy is not allowed to expand the bandwidth of what being female can mean, but must be put into the category of male. In my view, this is not progressive; it’s deeply regressive,” he goes on to explain.

Sullivan points to Iran as a quintessential example of this, as the mullah-controlled country is one of the most homophobic in the world – to the point that it forcibly transforms gay boys into “girls,” and lesbian girls into “boys.”

This transformation process, which we’ve also warned about, can be catastrophic for those who end up regretting it later on in life, seeing as how it’s permanent and irreversible.

“In the case of merely confused or less informed kids, the consequences of [sex-change] treatment can be permanent,” Sullivan warns, echoing our own warnings, and those of Johns Hopkins University-trained psychiatrist Paul McHugh, about the lifelong consequences of transgender surgery and drug treatments.

“Many of these prepubescent trans-identifying children are put on puberty blockers, drugs that suppress a child’s normal hormonal development, and were originally designed for prostate cancer and premature puberty,” Sullivan explains.

“The use of these drugs for gender dysphoria is off-label, unapproved by the FDA; there have been no long-term trials to gauge the safety or effectiveness of them for gender dysphoria, and the evidence we have of the side effects of these drugs in FDA-approved treatment is horrifying.”

Be sure to read Sullivan’s full exposé at this link.

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