Child psyop puppet “Greta” loses it, screams about “mass extinction” from carbon dioxide, oblivious to the fact that CO2 turns the world green

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Image: Child psyop puppet “Greta” loses it, screams about “mass extinction” from carbon dioxide, oblivious to the fact that CO2 turns the world green

(Natural News) Appearing before the United Nations recently, climate activist Greta Thunberg went on a tirade about how humanity is supposedly undergoing a “mass extinction” event due to greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2).

Apparently unaware of the fact that CO2 is a “greening” molecule that contributes to plant growth and sustenance, Thunberg was just about in tears before the U.N., screaming and crying about how everyone is going to die from CO2-induced global warming.

It’s all a lie, of course. But since they don’t teach real science in schools anymore, young Greta has been brainwashed into thinking that natural gases like CO2 that keep everything alive, including humans, are somehow “evil.” This is why Thunberg is now trying to eradicate CO2 from the planet, with the help of her handlers and enablers who continue to give her front-and-center platforms to spread climate doctrines unabated.

As a child psyop puppet, with Asperger’s no less, Thunberg is a perfect candidate for the globalists to exploit. Since she’s young and easily impressionable, Thunberg appears to have latched onto the climate narrative with ease. And because of her mental disability, Thunberg appears to have an enhanced passion for this cause, which she otherwise might not have if she didn’t has Asperger’s.

Everything about the situation with Greta Thunberg is creepy, to say the least. But this appears to be the tactic of today’s left: to exploit young children, which is a form of child abuse, in order to advance the climate agenda.


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Brainwashing children into the climate agenda is child abuse, plain and simple

Video footage available for viewing at this link shows Thunberg demonstrating extreme mental anguish and almost psychological torture over the thought of climate change, even as she lectures U.N. leaders about how they’ve failed to address this supposedly imminent global threat.

Not only does Thunberg express outrage over the fact that not enough has been done, in her opinion, to address it, but she also claims that world leaders stole her childhood by not imposing more carbon taxes on primarily Western nations like the United States.

“The Marxist Globalists stole her childhood by feeding her lies and propaganda about global warming – she believes the lies so she is now living in fear,” writes Cristina Laila for The Gateway Pundit, responding to this disturbing video footage.

“Thunberg has a myriad of mental health issues. She is autistic, has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suffers from Asperger syndrome and the left is pushing her out onto the world stage and exploiting her.”

It’s fascism in action, with indoctrinated youth being used as the new “faces” of the movement. With dinosaur politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi struggling to even form coherent sentences, the left really has no other option but to exploit innocent children as their new mouthpieces to spread the climate gospel.

Meanwhile, as Laila further points out, neither Thunberg nor any of the other child climate activists have yet to visit China or India, despite the fact that these two countries represent the world’s biggest polluters.

“… China and India continue to be the world’s biggest polluters because Climate Change legislation isn’t about the environment, it’s about a global scheme to redistribute wealth,” Laila further writes.

Be sure to watch the video at, as it clearly shows how Greta Thunberg is basically summoning the spirit of Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler with these and other hate-filled rants against politicians and others who reject her climate narrative.

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