If slaughterhouses had glass walls, most people would understand how switching to vegetarian or vegan makes total sense

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Image: If slaughterhouses had glass walls, most people would understand how switching to vegetarian or vegan makes total sense

(Natural News) Could it be that eating meat is part of your dysfunctional relationship with nature? You love your bacon, salmon and rib eye steaks, but you’d never want to see your precious pet dog, cat, or bird treated like those farm animals are treated, as they’re abused, shot up with drugs, inhumanely slaughtered, and then attractively served up with some herbs, spices and sauces. Then there’s this: Ask yourself, why do you have to cook meat for it to be “safe” to eat? The CDC warns that most raw meat is disease-laden and deadly, so don’t wash it off in your kitchen before you cook it. Think about that for a minute.

Even though humans have been eating meat for thousands of years, it’s simply not compatible with human biology, because our bodies still can’t kill the pathogens and parasites. Just like radio presenter and popular (and hilarious) vegan YouTuber Kerry McCarthy explains, “We don’t have the stomach acid to deal with the pathogens in raw meat.”

Plus, meat and fat taste rather bland, until you marinate it all and add a bunch of concentrated salts (think nitrates and MSG here), cook it, slap BBQ, ketchup, mustard, oils and soy sauce all over and pretend like you don’t know where it came from.

Does your subconscious mind “agree” with your eating habits? If your brain and heart made the connection consciously, and realized how much these animals really do suffer, you might start changing your eating habits, and your body would begin thanking you immediately.

Kerry McCarthy works diligently at BBC Radio stations and shares her personal path to veganism, explaining how so many more people would become vegan if they didn’t lack the “awareness surrounding the relationship between a plant-based diet and our bodies.” She’s witty. She’s knowledgeable. This appearance at a TEDx event is almost like watching high quality stand-up comedy. In less than twenty minutes, Kerry McCarthy breaks down the abnormal American consumer’s relationship with meat.


If you don’t eat meat, then where do you get your protein?

Did you know that some of the strongest animals on Earth are vegans? Yep. Let’s talk about the brute strength of gorillas, bison, elephants, hippopotamuses, giraffes, rhinos, horses, manatees, cows, and even those giant pandas – all of which are herbivores. Nobody is asking them where they get their protein.

Breaking news for all carnivores: Humans don’t get protein just because they eat meat – they get protein from meat because those animals ate plants that contained protein. Get it? Plus, these enormous and powerful beasts just listed don’t eat meat because their teeth are flat and broad, like humans, and because their digestive system is not designed for it.

Humans are very different from the animals in the wild that are carnivores and omnivores that have very sharp canine teeth for ripping animal flesh apart. Their anatomy is NOT the same as humans, but our brains aren’t processing that. The meat comes all neat and packaged at the store, or already broiled, baked, grilled or fried up with lots of added flavors.

Also carnivorous animals in the wild have much shorter, simpler stomach chambers than humans. Human digestive systems are simply not properly set up for meat digestion. It takes much more work, energy, enzymes, and gases to break down meat than it does plants and produce. This extra “work” contributes to the top 10 preventable diseases that are so prominent in America.

Cows, chicken, turkey, pigs and “farm raised” fish – the voiceless billions that are needlessly and inhumanely bred for feeding humans

Want some high protein content from delicious organic vegetables instead of toxic meat? Start with lima beans and soybean sprouts, and then buy some green peas, sweet corn and spinach. Next, round up some organic asparagus and artichokes, some Brussels sprout, broccoli and mushrooms.

Then you can shop the high protein fruit. Start with guavas, avocados and apricots, and then purchase some bananas, kiwi, oranges, blackberries and cantaloupe. Do we need to continue?

Get your mind straight and your body will follow. If you could stand inside a slaughterhouse the next time you’re “starving” hungry, bets are you wouldn’t dare ask for a meal that contains meat.

Tune in to FoodScienceNews.com for other ways meat is contaminating your body and sending you straight to the doctors who know absolutely nothing about nutrition.

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