A homeopathic guide to healthier kidneys

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Image: A homeopathic guide to healthier kidneys

(Natural News) Don’t take your kidneys for granted because they serve an important role in filtering out excess waste from your body, balancing your electrolytes and creating hormones. Surely such vital organs deserve the proper care to keep them healthy and it doesn’t even have to be difficult. Maintaining kidney health is possible with help of various homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that is based on the principle of using extremely diluted substances typically made from herbs for treating a number of different ailments. Your kidneys can greatly benefit all sorts of homeopathic remedies. There are diuretics to help increase the flow of urine and flush out harmful toxins, bacteria and kidney stones. Demulcents can be used for coating your urinary lining, protecting it against irritants. Other remedies can aid in the detoxification process, boost your immune system or provide antiseptic properties. (Related: 15 herbs that naturally detox your kidneys.)

Homeopathic herbs for better kidney health

There are many natural remedies that can support good kidney health. Here is a quick guide on certain herbs that can help treat and prevent health problems relating to your kidneys:

  • Dandelion roots. The handy dandy dandelion is great for cleansing your kidneys as it contains chemicals with diuretic properties to help increase the production of urine and reduce swelling.  It can also alleviate urinary irritation and water retention. If you suffer from kidney stones, it is recommended to take 500 milligrams (mg) of dandelion root twice a day.
  • Couch grass. An invasive garden weed, couch grass might be a nuisance to vigilant gardeners but it can be a blessing to your kidneys. It is both a diuretic and a demulcent that can help ease inflammation and alleviate pain from kidney infections.
  • Celery root. Traditionally used as a diuretic since ancient times, celery contains essential nutrients that aid in cleansing the kidneys. Sodium and potassium are some of these essential nutrients and their presence makes celery root a great stimulating tonic. It is helpful in eliminating toxins by increasing the output of urine.
  • Woundwort. Also known as European goldenrod, the Solidago virgaurea plant can be used to relieve backaches that result from painful or sensitive kidneys.
  • Stinging Nettle. Stinging nettles have a long history of being used as a traditional herbal medicine with many useful benefits. Aside from being a diuretic, the plant can help reduce swelling and protect against bacteria and infections. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants that can help fight against oxidative stress. You can drink this herb in the form of a potent tea.
  • Horsetail. Horsetail tea can be used as a natural remedy to treat kidney stones and urinary tract infections. The plant contains both antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.
  • Parsley. Parsley is an aromatic herb that contains myristicin and apiol, which have powerful diuretic effects. It is very effective in detoxifying kidneys, flushing out excess fluid from the body and decreasing toxin build-up in the kidneys. It supports good kidney function and clears it of any harmful germs and bacteria.
  • Corn silk. Corn silk is a demulcent that protects your urinary lining. It also promotes urine production and aids in eliminating water and wastes in the kidneys. Use it to treat kidney stones, bladder infection, and urinary infection.
  • Turmeric. Turmeric contains a bright yellow compound called curcumin that has powerful antioxidant properties and inhibits the growth of microbes. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties for the treatment and prevention of kidney infections.
  • Marshmallow root. The namesake of the sweet and fluffy confection is also both a diuretic and a demulcent. It can help rid the kidney of kidney stones and protect against kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections.


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