The most INSIDIOUS food labels and medical treatment tricks that make us sick and diseased for life

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Image: The most INSIDIOUS food labels and medical treatment tricks that make us sick and diseased for life

(Natural News) There are many savvy consumers out there these days, watching out for tricky food labels and sketchy doctors with bad advice. We’ve heard stories, we’ve been fooled, and now we’re educated through trial and error, and we’ve found legitimate research that Google, YouTube, and Apple have yet to ban. Still, it’s hard to know the difference sometimes between real research and all that Big Food and Big Pharma propaganda. Plus, old habits are hard to break, especially when you thought wholeheartedly that you were “doing it right” for so long. It’s time to fess up, and change your ways if you’re “partaking” of these insidious food products or “participating” in the most insidious medical treatments that most Americans still believe are beneficial.

Let’s take an inside look right now at the seven most insidious food labels and medical treatment tricks that lead us right into long-term health detriment:

#1. Not just conventional canola, but even “USDA Certified Organic” and “expeller-pressed” canola oil still coagulates in human blood, causing weight gain, memory loss, and dementia.

#2. Foods labeled “Gluten Free” can still be loaded with processed ingredients.

#3. Foods labeled “Natural” usually still contain plenty of GMOs (study reveals).

#4. The CDC removed mercury from all “childhood vaccines,” except for the FACT that dangerously high levels of mercury are still in many influenza vaccines (flu shots) that are recommended by the CDC for pregnant women and infants starting at 6 months young.


#5. Most liquid over-the-counter (OTC) medications for headaches, fever, and coughs, contain industrial-based, chemical-laced artificial coloring and toxic artificial sweeteners, like aspartame and sucralose.

#6. About half of all organic food products are sold by corporations that push GMOs and fund agendas to keep GMOs from ever being labeled.

#7. Mammograms often result in false-positives (causing immense stress) while also causing breast cancer due to radiation, as groundbreaking research reveals.

Canola oil, whether organic or not, expeller pressed or not, coagulates and causes the blood to clog

Got neuronal dysfunction? Did you forget what you just read? Maybe you should put down the canola oil, because it contributes to memory problems. Temple University researchers recently conducted a study revealing how canola oil literally causes weight gain, decreases learning ability, worsens memory, and leads to Alzheimer’s disease. It doesn’t matter if that canola oil contains zero pesticides or even how it’s processed, because every kind of canola oil increases amyloid plaques in the brain that cause neurofibrillary tangles, contributing to neuronal dysfunction, degeneration, and memory loss. This means there are significantly fewer contacts between neurons in the brain – a distinct sign of extensive injury, according to scientists. This research is a game-changer and was published in Scientific Reports.

Bottom line: Canola oil comes from rapeseeds. Consuming the oil from rapeseeds causes cancer and the dysfunction of your key cleansing organs – the liver and kidneys. Canola oil also depletes your levels of vitamin E while raising your levels of triglycerides by almost half. You should completely avoid consuming any kind of canola oil, ever.

Study reveals most foods labeled “Natural” are still loaded with pesticide-laden GMOs

If you think consuming GMOs “isn’t that bad,” think again. Just removing GMOs from your daily intake can improve nearly 30 health conditions. GMOs are crops that not only contain bacterial pesticides in their DNA, but they’re sprayed with weed killer that, when consumed by humans, literally pulls nutrients from your body and kills the good bacteria (flora) in your gut, thus crippling your immunity to pathogens, parasites, harmful bacteria, and viruses.

A recent study by Consumer Reports, an independent product testing organization, revealed that most U.S. packaged food labeled “natural” contains high levels of genetically modified ingredients. We’re talking about 80 percent of foods labeled “natural” containing genetically mutated Franken-corn or Franken-soy. That’s very scary. That label is totally misleading and should be regulated by the FDA, but it’s not, because they’re behind the insidious trick themselves.

The FDA believes all chemical pesticides are healthy for humans to consume, and that’s why there are no regulations on the term “all natural.” Check your wheat and oat products for the cancer-causing GMOs and never trust the “natural” label. Stick to organic grains for food safety.

Tune into to uncover more insidious tricks being played on us by Big Food and Big Pharma, so you can continue to eat clean and avoid those well-devised and evil Allopathic medicine pitfalls.

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