7 best natural home remedies for your personal pharmacy

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(Natural News) If you’re nervous about flu season, it’s time to stock your own personal home pharmacy with natural remedies that can help you get through the season without getting sick. Your body is naturally able to resolve many health concerns and symptoms, and Derek Henry, the founder of Healing the Body, shared his top seven proven and reliable remedies in a video recently posted to Brighteon.com.

1. Derek’s immune-supporting tonic

This concoction might not be the most delicious one you’ve ever tried, but it gives you the nutrients you need for your body to stay strong in the face of viruses and other winter unpleasantries.

2 cloves garlic
½ small onion
1 piece turmeric
1 piece ginger
1 lemon
½ small jalapeno or dash of cayenne pepper
1 dash black pepper
1 ounce apple cider vinegar
Optional: 1 piece horseradish, 1 teaspoon raw honey

Add produce to a masticating juicer or blender, then mix in the liquid and dry ingredients. Derek says you can keep it in a cool, dark place for as long as three months.

2. Oil of oregano

Oil of oregano is a great essential oil to keep on hand for immune system support. Studies have proven that it can kill pathogens safely and effectively. It can help fight Candida overgrowth, and it has also been shown to stop 20 different E. coli strains from growing, saving people from problems like gastrointestinal issues, anemia, and kidney failure. It can even kill Staphylococcus aureus and the coronavirus that causes the common cold and pneumonia. It can also fight the H. pylori bacteria linked to many ulcers.


If you do decide to keep it on hand, keep in mind that it should never be consumed straight; it must be diluted in water first. It can also be used topically to address athlete’s foot and ringworm.

3. Colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is made up of atoms of silver suspended in water. The particles can penetrate on the cellular level and destroy viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungal spores. It can also help promote healing from burns. Some people use it when they feel the flu or a cold setting in to help them recover faster. It’s great for immune system health and natural elimination. Henry specifically recommends using the Health Ranger’s colloidal silver mouthwash.

4. Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C offers a host of useful functions, including keeping your skin, bones and blood vessels healthy and protecting your body’s cells. This vitamin, which is very high in antioxidants, can be easily found in foods like bell peppers, broccoli, oranges and Brussels sprouts, and Henry suggests people look for a buffered vitamin C powder or use camu camu powder.

5. Himalayan salt

This pink salt is widely considered one of the purest salts you can find. It helps your body get rid of toxins, improves circulation, promotes healthy sleep, and enhances vascular health. Give yourself a detoxifying bath to take advantage of the more than 80 minerals it contains, or mix some with water and swish it around your mouth and gargle it in the back of your throat.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric has so many health benefits that it almost sounds too good to be true. With up to eight times the antioxidants of vitamin C and E, it helps your digestion, immune system, liver and blood. You can juice the fresh root or get some liquid extract.

7. Eucalyptus oil

Known for helping the respiratory system and lungs while emitting a pleasing fragrance, eucalyptus oil is very versatile. Diffuse some into the air using an essential oil diffuser, or mix with a carrier oil and rub some into your upper chest for relief from respiratory problems.

Henry also shares a discount code in his video for the Health Ranger products he mentions.

This is hardly an exhaustive list – don’t overlook the value of probiotics and Echinacea, for example – but it should be enough to keep you from spending too much time in a doctor’s waiting room this winter!

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