Get a workout buddy: Another study confirms that making exercise a social outing keeps you on track, improves quality of life

Image: Get a workout buddy: Another study confirms that making exercise a social outing keeps you on track, improves quality of life

(Natural News) You may want to consider joining a workout group — or, even better, getting your friends in on the act. This is because a team of researchers from Anglia Ruskin University found that walking in groups could help in keeping people on track with the program and improving their quality of life. For the study, researchers examined 18 different reports that compared healthy adults that walk in groups over those who walk alone or not at all.

In their review of studies, they found that people who walked with a group were more likely to have continued the exercise by the end of the study. The span of the study lasted for an average of six months. In addition, they observed in five out of the seven studies that evaluated their quality of life outcomes, those who participated in group walking activities exhibited significantly improved scores in comparison with those who did not. (Related: Walk, jog, yoga: Every bit of exercise counts and helps improve your health, reduces your risk for chronic disease)

Professor Catherine Meads, lead author of the study, said that walking in groups is a safe and low-cost intervention that can be easily and successfully executed in the community. She added that walking in groups more likely increases life satisfaction and may also improve social life.

“Our review found that people may be more likely to exercise if they have social support,” Meads suggested.

The study was published in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care.

Five exercise classes for people over the age 40

As you age, working out regularly becomes more challenging, not only physically but also mentally. Here are five exercise classes that are ideal for individuals aged 40 and above.

  1. Zumba Toning – For those who want to exercise without feeling like they are working out, Zumba toning might be the workout class for you. Zumba toning usually involves same dance music and easy-to-follow choreography as a standard for Zumba class. In addition, it requires strength training exercises that focus on the body parts, such as the thighs, arms, and stomach muscles, that tend to accumulate fat as people age. Furthermore, this exercise involves weight lifting that will help relieve pain associated with arthritis or prevent its development. Other dance-based strength classes may also be considered.
  2. Vinyasa Flow Yoga – This exercise class incorporates both stretches that help undo years of slouching and strength moves that will help retain lean muscle with aging. Moreover, this practice benefits mental health as it relaxes the mind and reduces stress levels.
  3. Barre – A lot of exercises included in a barre class use a classic ballet barre as a tool, but dancing is not involved in this class. A barre class usually starts with a warm-up and lightweight exercises outlined to preserve metabolism-boosting muscle mass. However, most of the class happens at the ballet barre, where the instructor will conduct low-impact and no-impact postures that build muscle endurance and enhance balance and flexibility. Then, the class concludes with flexibility training for maintaining mobility and core exercises that remove belly fat and prevent future aches and pains.
  4. Spin – This class is useful for those who are aiming to get the full-body workout of a run, but without the muscle and joint stress. This class is a form of cardio interval training the incorporates series of high and low resistance with different speeds. It benefits the heart and helps burn more calories faster.
  5. Pilates – A Pilates class s for those who had injuries in the past or suffered from body aches and pains. It helps rebuild and strengthen weaker muscles, but you can also join this class to prevent pain and injury. This class is particularly suitable for women with lower back pain.

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