Trendy beets are worth the bite

Image: Trendy beets are worth the bite

(Natural News) If you’re looking for a healthy food trend to follow, look no further than the delectable beet. This multi-faceted nutrition powerhouse can be the perfect addition to any meal, and both the root and the greens of this little root vegetable are edible, making it an environmentally conscious choice as well.

Beet greens are a great choice for salads and can be steamed or cooked in a pan with some of your favorite seasonings. You can add them to smoothies too! Beet greens are a great source of fiber, vitamins A and K, and calcium – so you definitely want to find a use for them.

Fresh beets are an amazing way to boost the nutrition of just about any meal. You can serve them straight up as a side dish, or add them to your favorite pasta, salad or even soup. Beets can also be added to baked goods as a fat replacer to lower the fat content, up the nutritional content and maintain moisture. Beets are also excellent sources of folate, nitrate and potassium.

Beet juice is a very popular way to get all that the beet has to offer, especially among athletes. New research suggests that beet consumption can improve athletic performance, as the nitrates found in beets can reduce the amount of oxygen the body needs, as well as improve blood flow.

However, it is important to know that overconsumption of beets can lead to health issues. Due to their high nitrate content, beets should be slowly introduced to your diet so you don’t overwhelm your kidneys.


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