The incredible health benefits of corn silk

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Image: The incredible health benefits of corn silk

(Natural News) Corn silk, the long silky threadlike fibers that grow on different parts of corn, is usually thrown away when people eat corn. But corn silk has been used extensively for centuries in traditional medicine due to its beneficial properties. Here are some of corn silk’s health benefits, according to science:

Combats fatigue

When consumed, corn silk inhibits the production and accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. This acid builds up after a person exercises or at any other time that the muscles feel sore. What this means is that consuming corn silk, usually as a tea or extract, can help people who are going to do strenuous physical activities to last longer without getting tired.

Supports cardiovascular health

There is sufficient evidence to suggest that consuming corn silk helps improve cholesterol levels. Keeping cholesterol levels low is key to preventing heart complications.

Studies have also found that drinking corn silk can aid the recovery of people dealing with either pulmonary or peripheral edema, which occurs when the heart becomes weak or fails to properly function.

Multiple other studies have found that corn silk tea and corn silk extract have strong anti-hypertensive effects. A clinical trial found that drinking corn silk tea lowered a person’s blood pressure.

Helps reduce inflammation

Inflammation is part of the body’s natural immune response. But excess inflammation can lead to a variety of illnesses, including serious ones like diabetes and heart disease. Corn silk is a naturally rich source of flavonoid antioxidants.


The antioxidants in corn silk protect the body’s cells against free radical damage and oxidative stress, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and inflammation.

Furthermore, corn silk is rich in magnesium, an essential element that, among other things, helps regulate the body’s inflammatory response.

Supports urogenital health

Corn silk is well-known for its benefits to urinary and genital health.

Corn silk works as an excellent diuretic. Studies show corn silk soothes and relaxes the linings of the bladder and the urinary tubules. This helps reduce irritation, soothe any inflammation in the bladder and increase the secretion of urine.

Regular urination also reduces the risk of bacteria building up in the tract, reducing the risk of a person developing urinary tract infections. (Related: Natural disease prevention: 4 Herbal remedies for UTIs.)

The increased urine flow also decreases the chances of sediment forming in the kidneys, which can otherwise lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Corn silk can also help you manage your blood sugar levels, preventing a whole host of kidney problems, diabetes and stroke.

There are other lesser-known benefits to consuming corn silk. The vitamin K in corn silk helps in the blood clotting process, which can help people avoid excessive blood loss in the event of injuries. The vitamin C in corn silk can also boost a person’s immunity and help regulate a myriad of other functions in the human body.

Other studies have found that corn silk can provide some protection against exposure to gamma radiation. Research has found that corn silk can also improve digestion, promote weight loss, fight obesity and support the health of your endocrine system.

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