Colorado public health officials warn that covid death statistics are “inflated, skewed”

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Image: Colorado public health officials warn that covid death statistics are “inflated, skewed”

(Natural News) Almost two years have passed since the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) made its debut on the world stage, and the Branch Covidians are still deceiving the world with how they calculate “covid deaths.”

Even after getting exposed for their lies, these medical charlatans are counting every death with covid as a death from covid. This is disingenuous at best, and some Colorado public health officials have had enough of it.

During an appearance on “Full Measure” with investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson, Brenda Bock, the county coroner for Grand County, explained that last November, she processed a murder-suicide case that the following day “showed up on the state website as covid death.”

“And they were gunshot wounds,” Bock added, flabbergasted at the audacity of the system lying like that. “And I questioned that immediately because I had not even signed off the death certificates yet, and the state was already reporting them as covid deaths.”

In several other instances, corrupt authorities logged two individuals who were still alive as being “dead from covid,” Bock added. These plus however many more fake “deaths” were added elsewhere throughout the country suggests that the medical deep state really has pulled a fast one on society.

“Two of them were actually still alive,” Bock explained to Attkisson about what she personally observed.

“And yet they were counting them. Had I not called them on it and asked them who those were, where they were from, all the information about it – and it’s like, ‘Oh, well that was a typo. They just got put in there by accident.'”


Gov. Polis continues to lie about “covid deaths” in Colorado

James Caruso, who works as the chief medical examiner and coroner for the city of Denver, had much the same thing to say about what he has heard from colleagues throughout the Centennial State.

“I was told by some of my fellow coroners in the more rural counties in Colorado that it was happening to them, that they knew of issues where they had signed out a death certificate with perhaps trauma involved,” Caruso told Attkisson. “And they were being advised that it was being counted as a covid-related death.”

“I think early on, the people signing the death certificates probably were doing it accurately. But at some level – maybe the state level, maybe the federal level – there’s a possibility that they were cross-referencing COVID tests. And that people who tested positive for COVID were listed as a COVID-related death, regardless of their true cause of death. And I believe that’s very erroneous, and not the way the statistics needed to be accumulated.”

Eventually, the state of Colorado adjusted its presentation of the data to differentiate between “with” covid and “from” covid deaths, the two now say. But Gov. Jared Polis continues to be resistant to the change, and Bock says that Polis has still to this day refused to remove the murder-suicide case from the “covid deaths” category.

“I believe they’re very inflated,” Bock says about the current data. “And don’t get me wrong. I believe COVID is real. And I believe people do get very sick from it. And I do believe a small number do die from that.”

“I do not believe a homicide-suicide belongs in that number,” she added. “I don’t. I don’t believe car accidents belong in those numbers. I think the numbers are skewed. And I think that it is my job to tell the truth.”

Unlike many other elected officials these days, Bock and Caruso are trying to tell the truth at much risk to themselves. They deserve commendation for doing what is right rather than what is easy.

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