Melissa Redpill talks about how the fall of Afghanistan affects the globalist cabal – Brighteon TV

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Image: Melissa Redpill talks about how the fall of Afghanistan affects the globalist cabal – Brighteon TV

(Natural News) Author Melissa Redpill The World reveals that the fall of Afghanistan also signals the fall of the globalist cabal. She offered this explanation during the Aug. 25 episode of Freedom Force Battalion on Brighteon.TV. Melissa also warned people to be wary of mainstream media’s deception in the same episode.

The author of “End Times and 1,000 Years of Peace” said the events in Afghanistan had a biblical tone to them. However, she assured that these had nothing to do with defeat and destruction – but had more similarities to victory. Melissa said: “The great news about [the] end times [is that] it’s the end of the Beast’s rule over us. It’s the end of [the globalist cabal] doing all of this to us … harming our health, harming our wealth, causing all these wars.”

Melissa referenced a statement by former President Donald Trump back in 2020, during the time when he inked a peace deal with the Taliban in February of that year. The February 2020 deal signed at Doha, Qatar aimed for “positive relations” between the U.S. and the Taliban. According to Melissa, this was a “very long journey” which involved collaboration between American and Taliban forces.

She also noted that starting May 2020, the Taliban had been taking over certain Afghan districts. She then posted this question: “Are they doing it for evil, or doing it potentially for good?”

Melissa also referenced Trump’s statement that said “even after [the Americans] leave, [the Afghans] will be killing terrorists.” She then proposed that it is one way for the Afghans to take their country back from the globalist cabal. According to her, the globalists were using the poppy fields in Afghanistan for evil purposes. The opium produced by these poppies were then sent back to the U.S. as opioid painkillers – contributing to the death of many Americans by opioid addiction.


Melissa also called out the “fake news media” and their lies

Melissa also compared the Taliban fighters taking back their country from the globalist cabal to the patriots who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. She said: “They call the Taliban terrorists. You know who all the mainstream media [outlets] called terrorists? The patriots who went on [Jan. 6] to say that we needed free and fair elections [and that] we needed to have this done properly in our country.”

“We already know that the media is the enemy of the people. They’re controlled by five corporations that basically get their talking points from [the Associated Press] and Reuters. So what does that tell you? Whatever they’re doing, we cannot trust anything that they’re doing. We already know that they do not want to support the [election] audits. They’re working against us.”

To prove her point about mainstream media deception, she pointed out a number of things about recent Afghanistan reports. Melissa noted that Afghan civilians should not be on the tarmac as it prevented aircraft from launching. Furthermore, she noted that the aircraft window in one of the pictures depicting the evacuation did not look like a window but a “piece of plastic.”

Aside from these, Melissa also called on viewers to be critical of any videos depicting violence by the Taliban. According to her, the videos were probably old footage from before the pandemic based on the fact that the subjects do not wear any masks.

Finally, Melissa remarked that the recent events in Afghanistan was one way of “awakening people all over the world” to the biblical concept of Armageddon – the final battle. According to her, “this battle … [is] not a battle on a physical plane. It is the literal information war, this digital war and we are the digital soldiers. We’re doing it right here from our laptops … [and] from our phones.”

Watch the full episode here. has more articles about the mainstream media’s deception regarding the truth about Afghanistan.

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