Every death caused by Covid vaccines will be blamed on “Covid”

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Image: Every death caused by Covid vaccines will be blamed on “Covid”

(Natural News) Oh, let us count the ways the insidious vaccine industry is already running cover for the mass wave of vaccine-induced health carnage caused by spike protein injections, all administered under the guise of ‘inoculation.’  We start off with a new, fake science, vaccine-industry-backed “UK study” that claims catching Covid-19 causes blood clots, and of course it’s just a cover story for the mass wave of vaccine-induced blood clots already happening around the world.

The fake study twisted data from “Covid” patients who were ALSO injected with spike proteins, in a futile attempt to try to dwarf the shock of the quickly escalating number of humans suffering from vaccine-induced blood clots. Researchers from Oxford University were in on the ‘gig,’ along with several other vaccine-hyping schools of medicine, who all swore to be “fully independent from the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine developers,” who are already guilty of making clot shots with severe health consequences.

Top symptoms of clot shot syndrome include new, severe headaches that are not relieved with painkillers. This headache worsens when lying down, so don’t even think about sleeping through it. These intolerable headaches are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new Covid-19 clot shot syndrome. Wait until the “boosters” arrive.

Symptoms of clot shot syndrome include leg swelling, intolerable headaches and unexplainable bruising/bleeding

Many vaccine victims complain of shortness of breath, as trillions of protein-prions invade the capillaries of the lungs, and the body thinks coughing will get them out, but it doesn’t. This coughing is known to burn the windpipe, a burning which also may not ever subside or disappear (especially with booster shots that will exacerbate the damage). If you bend over, unexplainable bruising and bleeding can occur, along with your leg(s) swelling. “Gee doctors, what’s next?”


The study also distorts the information by saying the risk of blood clots is significantly higher “as a result of catching Covid-19, than it is from being vaccinated against the virus,” and that is a flat out lie. We’re talking about 29 million people who had already received their first dose of either Pfizer-BioNTech or Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid jabs.

So the people who caught Covid-19 AND got the clot shot are showing higher incidence of blood clots than just the people who got the vaccine and didn’t catch Covid, but the PCR tests are massively faulty, showing false-positives for anything from a common head cold to the flu and viral particles from previous flu shots.

Thomboembolic events are associated with all the Covid shots. They all carry warnings right on the labels. Of course, once someone gets a clot shot, and still catches Covid because their immune system is crippled by the trillions of spike proteins, then the blood clots become much more common and deadly.

How many “booster” shots will it take before these vaccine zombies’ headaches turn them into drooling vegetables while the vascular damage overworks their heart to the point of failure? Got clot shot syndrome? Every side effect, symptom and disability caused by the Covid vaccine is labeled “Covid” by all doctors, everywhere (or they’ll lose their job and medical license).

Fake Covid “PCR” tests and real blood clots caused by trillions of spike proteins 

If you get Covid-19 and get vaccinated, there is a high incidence of your blood clotting, according to new research. This is the best way Pfizer and AstraZeneca could try to run cover for the damage their vaccines are doing to the entire vascular system of their jabbed victims. They lumped in (pun intended) the spike-protein jab blood clot statistics with people they tested “positive” for Covid with fake tests. Any laymen with common sense can see this.

The ultimate goal of the “peer-reviewed” study was to shrink the shock of the number of clots caused by Covid vaccines. Now the study is being plastered all over mainstream media, so that anyone suffering from vaccine-induced blood clots now or in the very near future will be ready to blame Covid, along with their oxygen-deprived doctors.

They always have some fake data, those insidious “vaccine” scientists, and nobody anywhere is allowed to independently validate any of it (patents). Tune your smart device to Pandemic.news for updates on the upcoming “booster”  vax-termination agenda and other crimes against humanity involving spike-protein-bioweapons.

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