SPIKE PROTEIN COCKTAIL: UK launches “booster program” to combine covid shots with flu shots and require them every year

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Image: SPIKE PROTEIN COCKTAIL: UK launches “booster program” to combine covid shots with flu shots and require them every year

(Natural News) UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid has announced the development of a new “booster programme” that will be used to inoculate the population annually. To keep their “health pass” up-to-date, Brits will have to take coronavirus spike protein mRNA in one arm and a seasonal flu shot in the other arm. Starting this year, the UK government wants to launch the program to thirty-two million people who are over the age of fifty and to anyone else who is considered “high risk.”

Booster program will combine COVID shots, flu shots, other vaccines

Dr. Matthew Duchars, the chief executive officer of the Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC), ultimately wants to combine the flu shot with the covid shot to make the process more efficient in the future. He even mentioned a three-part vaccine that contains speculative antigens for influenza strains, up-to-date mRNA instructions for coronaviruses spike proteins, and “another shot for something else.”

“It will save a lot of time and it would be a lot more convenient to just give one shot, so it is something that we and vaccine developers and producers will be looking at,” Duchars said. “Let’s say we do need to give a seasonal vaccine, and people need one shot for flu, and one shot for Covid and another for something else. If you can put them all into one, then that’s obviously preferable.”

The UK government has already pumped £66million into this vaccine distribution center. The center was founded in 2018 by the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The VMIC is scheduled to open in 2022. It can reportedly churn out 600,000 vaccine doses per day. (Related: DARPA was secretly developing the mRNA vaccine years ago through Moderna, and they seek permanent control over your body and bloodline.)


UK government now owns people’s bodies and will require endless vaccines

Duchars revealed that the UK government is planning a re-vaccination campaign in 2022. “That’s what we’ve refocused our efforts and attention on,” Duchars said. The rollout will begin as early as September of 2021, with the National Health Services fully on board with the new plan. The booster program will deliver a fresh round of flu and covid shots to 2,000 pharmacies. Health care systems will be incentivized to administer at least 2.5 million doses per week.

This means that COVID is not going anywhere; in fact, its scheduled to be a “threat” for many years to come, as people are required to top their system off with new mRNA instructions every year to “combat the virus” and “slow the spread.” Even though COVID replaced influenza last year, the flu shot will also be big business again, as the government and the media prepare to advertise the seasonal flu threat. Now that the UK government owns people’s bodies and controls their movement using “health passports,” they can require almost anything they like. In this new biosecurity state, hundreds of thousands of seasonal flu vaccines will be manufactured for the submissive.

“So, if the advice is to have a booster six months after your second jab, then that is what you’ll need,” said the health secretary, referring to the ongoing vaccine requirements in order to travel, gather, eat and work.

The enslaved population in Great Britain will NOT be considered “fully vaccinated” if they do not comply with the upcoming booster program. Brits will be forced to update their vaccine passport to comply with the new world vaccine order. If they don’t get all the mandatory “shots in arms” each season, they will not get permission to go about their jobs and participate in society.

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