Biden walks back claim that Facebook is “killing people” with vaccine disinformation, but still claims 12 “disinfo” sources are killing people (which is a lie)

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Image: Biden walks back claim that Facebook is “killing people” with vaccine disinformation, but still claims 12 “disinfo” sources are killing people (which is a lie)

(Natural News) The dementia-ridden pedophile currently occupying the White House is changing his tune about how Facebook is allegedly “killing people” by allowing “anti-vax” content to spread on the platform.

About a week after accusing the social media giant of committing murder, Beijing Biden backtracked his statements upon being questioned by someone from the media.

China Joe then proceeded to blame 12 individuals whom he alleges are responsible for the majority of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “misinformation” on social media, citing a “study” conducted by a left-wing think tank.

“Facebook isn’t killing people,” Hunter’s dad mumbled, barely squeaking out the correct words while visibly forgetting what he was saying mid-sentence.

“These 12 people are out there giving misinformation, anyone listening to it is getting hurt by it. It’s killing people. Bad information.”

Tony “Garden Gnome” Fauci, meanwhile, one of America’s fakest “doctors,” is making the media rounds to drum up fresh fear about the so-called “delta variant,” which he claims has become the “dominant” strain of the Fauci Flu in 2021.

Even though it has already been proven that Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” injections are spreading Chinese Germs that are killing people, Fauci is blaming the “unvaccinated.”

According to Fauci, people who have gotten the jab are “generally protected” against the Chinese Disease. However, those who are relying on their natural immune systems for protection, he says, could get sick and die.


At least 60% of new hospital admissions are patients who were vaccinated

Fauci must have missed the latest data presented by Patrick Vallance, the United Kingdom’s chief scientific advisor, who announced that at least 60 percent of those getting sick and needing hospitalization are those who took the Fauci Flu shot.

In Israel, that figure is even higher at 64 percent, proving that getting injected massively increases one’s risk of developing illness or dying.

Fauci, meanwhile, continues to deny that the virus he funded with American taxpayer dollars came from a lab, instead pushing the already debunked conspiracy theory that it came from bats at a Wuhan wet market.

Fauci also says that people should only believe “trust messengers” like himself when it comes to anything associated with the Fauci Flu. Doctors and scientists who contradict anything he has ever said, even when he flip-flops, are spreading the kind of “disinfo” that Resident Biden believes is spreading all over Facebook.

Any further attempts at investigating the origin of the Chinese Virus need to be stopped in their tracks, Fauci says, because the science has allegedly already been settled, according to him.

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) head Rochelle Walensky is another “trusted messenger” who is once again fearmongering all over the television about a new “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

According to Walensky, the only people who are getting sick and dying from Chinese Germs are those who refuse to permanently alter their DNA with gene-modifying chemicals from Big Pharma.

“World governments (TPTB) are becoming increasingly frantic with their insistence that everyone take the gene-altering ‘vaccine,'” warned one commenter at Zero Hedge. “Very soon the ‘stick’ will replace the ‘carrot’ and the kill-shot will be made mandatory.”

“The autoimmune disorders among the ‘vaccinated’ will be manifesting very soon,” warned another about the “wave” of illness and death among the “vaccinated” that is soon to come.

“These disorders will be falsely attributed to the Delta, Epsilon, Omega, etc. ‘variants’ and will result in a massive global death rate. Covid-19 is a global depopulation scheme and it is hitting a few snags in the form of ‘vaccine hesitancy.'”

The latest Chinese Virus misinformation coming from Fauci, Biden and other fake science hacks can be found at

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