Hundreds of DOCTORS get covid-19 AFTER being vaccinated, with dozens hospitalized

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Image: Hundreds of DOCTORS get covid-19 AFTER being vaccinated, with dozens hospitalized

(Natural News) Indonesia is seeing a new wave of hospitalizations, as hospital bed capacity reaches 90 percent. More than 350 healthcare workers have tested positive for covid-19, despite being vaccinated earlier this year. Dozens of vaccinated doctors are now hospitalized. The so-called “efficacy” of the vaccination protocol is already wearing off, putting the vaccine guinea pigs at greater risk to the latest coronavirus variants.

Badai Ismoyo, head of the health office in the district of Kudus, says many of the vaccinated doctors are isolating at home and getting better. However, dozens of these vaccinated doctors are hospitalized with high fevers and are experiencing low oxygen-saturation levels. Some are being wheeled into the ICU.

Fully vaccinated Indonesian healthcare workers are being hospitalized en masse

At the capitol of Jakarta, radiologist Dr. Prijo Sidipratomo reports there have been at least half a dozen doctors hospitalized with COVID-19 in the past month alone, despite being fully vaccinated. The healthcare workers are now concerned that the vaccinations are failing. “It is alarming for us because we cannot rely on vaccinations only,” said Dr. Sidipratomo.

At first, the vaccines appeared to work, to some degree. The number of Indonesian healthcare workers who died from COVID-19 dropped sharply from 158 in January to 13 in May. But the short-term efficacy of these vaccines has already worn off. It’s also hard to know the reasons why fully vaccinated healthcare workers are dying now. The Indonesian medical system has not been forthcoming with information on why healthcare workers died before and after being vaccinated. The cause of these deaths are easy to mislabel, relabel and misconstrue. If these healthcare workers died last year, it was easily labeled “death by covid-19” but this year, medical systems are slow to announce that either covid-19 or the vaccine caused their death.


Siti Nadia Tarmizi, a senior health ministry official, has refused to comment on the number of vaccinated healthcare workers who have passed away in 2021. However, there have been at least six confirmed cases of hospital staff dying with symptoms of covid-19 post-vaccination – including one nurse and five doctors. The number of doctor deaths post-vaccination do not seem to be as important as the number of doctors who passed away since this bioweapon experiment began.

Mass vaccination campaigns are pressuring new variants into existence, causing new fatalities

Kudus is home to nearly 5,000 healthcare workers. In January, front-line healthcare workers were given top priority for the covid-19 experimental vaccines. According to the Indonesian Medical Association, almost every single healthcare worker in the region took the experimental vaccine protocol. Indonesia is using the emergency use Sinovac vaccine, which was developed in Beijing.

The World Health Organization gave the Sinovac vaccine emergency use listing in June — even though short-term, preliminary clinical studies showed it only prevented symptomatic disease half the time (51 percent). The vaccine’s purported efficacy is no better than flipping a coin. Moreover, there’s no data on the vaccine’s ability to prevent hospitalization and death over time. The real factors that determine hospitalization and death are never studied in these clinical vaccine trials. This lackluster data on vaccinated populations was not compared to data on natural infection, which is also known to exhibit mild symptoms for healthy people, and has proven to convey long-lasting immunity.

Worse yet, after the mass vaccination campaigns began, covid-19 cases suddenly became labeled “covid-19 variants” as “breakthrough cases” began appearing in the vaccinated populations. Now the general population is dealing with new “variants” that have mutated into existence post-vaccination. This crisis will only grow worse as the health of the innate immune system is suppressed and neglected.

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