When everything is attributed to ‘white privilege,’ it ceases to have meaning

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Image: When everything is attributed to ‘white privilege,’ it ceases to have meaning

(Natural News) Today, the phrase “white privilege” is used by leftists as often as they wear face masks, which is to say constantly. They use it because it is (or was) a powerful method to guilt Caucasians into doing stupid things like physically bowing down to people of color for the sake of false reconciliation over sins from the past. As hard as it is to believe, there really is such a thing as “white privilege” and it remained common in certain circles until very recently. The left has created a problem by using the phrase as the go-to tactic in every possible situation. They’ve denigrated its meaning and brought it into the realm of Cultural Marxism.

(Article by JD Rucker republished from NoQReport.com)

Examples of recent “white privilege” include walking as a Caucasian in the streets of New York during the “stop and frisk” era. White people were neither stopped nor frisked nearly as much under Michael Bloomberg as people of color. It wasn’t even close. Another recent example, coincidentally tied to Bloomberg again, is the practice of “redlining” in which residents of certain areas, invariably populated by people of color, were instantly denied access to loans.

“White privilege” did exist. It wasn’t nearly as widespread as the left would have us believe, but it was a real thing. Caucasians (and to some extent Asian-Americans) were not faced with many of the same challenges that people of color endured. It’s common for my fellow conservatives to say it hasn’t existed since the civil rights movement, but that is a disingenuous stance. It exists today, but it has been rendered meaningless. Why? Because the constant use of the phrase itself as a weapon for bullying, guilting, and engaging in Cultural Marxism has diminished its effectiveness.


This is why we’re seeing a trend by the left to ramp up the level of their accusations. Now, everything is tied to race as the left manufactures ludicrous connections to clearly non-racist things like climate change or COVID-19. They say everything good that happens to Caucasians exemplifies “white privilege” while everything bad that happens to people of color is “systemic racism.” Both terms are interchangeable by shifting the subject. The basic claim is that “your white privilege is a result of systemic racism against me.”

To the left, being a Trump supporter means being a racist while being a Biden supporter means you’re not a racist. They ignore the undisputable fact that Biden has done more to harm people of color in his decades in Washington DC than any current politician with his race-oriented policies. They also ignore the numerous cases of blatantly racist remarks, any of which would have caused widespread rioting if President Trump had said them. Imagine if Trump had said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Biden, then you ain’t white.”

Every major city in America would have burned and he would have lost a good percentage of his supporters. But for Biden, his similar sentiment was met with shrugs and claims that he didn’t really mean what he said. No cities burned because Biden’s brand of racism is acceptable while manufactured examples of racism by Trump are considered to be outrageous even though they’re fictional.

But this isn’t about the election or the leaders of their parties. This is about a bigger problem that’s growing with every passing day. By pronouncing that everything is “white privilege,” nothing really is in the eyes of the lucid. The left has taken a legitimate claim and turned it into a Swiss army knife for gaslighting. The reason, as I mentioned before, is because it worked for a while. Today, it’s quickly becoming dulled from overuse and easily dismissible as a former tool for Cultural Marxists.

And yet they still use it constantly because it has been imbedded in their rhetoric. It’s second nature, like saying “bless you” when someone sneezes. The saddest part is that they’ve taken real problems and removed focus from them for the sake of shutting down arguments.

Cultural Marxism is, by its nature, a tactic of habit and repetition. Practitioners find tools that work, use them in every situation, and then discard them when another tool pops up. “White privilege” may be real, but the left is making it imaginary.

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