VIDEO: System ‘Glitch’ in Wisconsin stole over 19,000 votes from Trump, gave them to Biden

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Image: VIDEO: System ‘Glitch’ in Wisconsin stole over 19,000 votes from Trump, gave them to Biden

(Natural News) Suspect software used in states around the country is causing ‘glitches’ that are literally flipping votes from Republican to Democrat

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As the Trump campaign litigates charges of voter fraud in several battleground states, a pattern has emerged in a series of vote tabulating “computer glitches” that mysteriously flip votes from Republican to Democrat in each and every case.

A pattern has emerged across the country where “glitches” are causing votes to being taken from Republican candidates – at all levels – and transferred to their opponent Democrats in amounts that offset each other. And while Democrat election officials and the Biden campaign suggest these “glitches” are random, in every case votes are moved from Republicans to Democrats.

That nullifies the suggestion that the “glitches” are “random.” In fact, it appears that it may just be a coordinated and massive effort to fraudulently affect an election.

The “glitch” was first uncovered in Michigan. That “computer issue” flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. That “glitch” has been reversed.

Then, in Oakland County, Michigan, a Republican won his race when the “glitch” was discovered and reversed. He was on track to lose his election prior to the “glitch” being detected.

In Pennsylvania a “glitch” was uncovered where nearly 20,000 votes were moved from President Trump to Biden. When this flip is reversed it will reduce Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania by 40,000 votes.

6,000 votes which returned to the Trump totals in Georgia due to a “glitch” stealing votes from the President to give to the Biden totals.

Now there are reports of roughly 10,000 votes moved from the Trump totals in Wisconsin to the Biden totals. This flip occurred in just one Wisconsin county: Rock County.

In Rock County, the “glitch” took place when the President was leading Biden by 9,516 votes. Those votes were flipped to the Biden totals. The net impact: 19,032 votes.

As of November 10, 2020 – and with a recount underway, Biden is leading the President by 20,540 votes, 1,630,570 to the President’s 1,610,030. When the “glitch” is rectified that lead dwindles to a 1,508 vote lead.

The Biden campaign is insisting that he be referred to as the “President-Elect” and that President Trump should concede the election. Obama handler Valerie Jarrett even came out of the shadows to urge the President to concede.

But the election is – as the Trump team keeps saying – far from over. North Carolina was called on Tuesday, a week after the election, for President Trump. He gleans 15 Electoral College votes from the state.

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