RIGGED: Preset percentages of Trump votes in Michigan were fraudulently shifted to Biden

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Image: RIGGED: Preset percentages of Trump votes in Michigan were fraudulently shifted to Biden

(Natural News) A non-partisan group of volunteer experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has concluded that there was, in fact, widespread voter fraud in Michigan that ensured a Joe Biden “victory” in the state.

Specifically in Macomb, Oakland and Kent Counties – but not Wayne County, where different methods of voter fraud were employed – voting machines were preset to deliberately “shift” votes from President Trump to Joe Biden whenever our Commander-in-Chief started to take the lead.

“CIA software,” as one Twitter account referred to it, successfully shifted 35 percent of Trump’s votes in a least one Michigan county to Biden. All in all, more than one million Trump votes in Michigan were reapportioned to Biden using this same software.

These “unpaid citizens,” many of whom have PhDs, came to the determination based on everything they analyzed that an “audited recount” must take place in the aforementioned counties because the voting results in every single one of them “were statistically unlikely, if not impossible.”

There were also problems with Michigan’s mail-in ballot format, which saw anomalies all across the state. Of the 3,507,129 ballots requested, hundreds of thousands of them were flagged as having qualities such as “duplicate ballot IDs,” “missing ballot address,” and “year of birth before 1921.”

In their report, the volunteer experts found that 288,783 Michigan ballots were somehow sent and received “on the same day,” which is not possible. Ballots were also approved to be sent out to people who do not exist, and who claimed to be 170 years old.


“In total, more than 1,400 of these absentee voters are over 100 years old,” the report found.

“These could well be nursing home patients. There are 217,271 applications without a recorded date (i.e. never received back). More interesting is the 288,783 that have the application sent and ballot received on the same day.”

Unless we want to forever be a third world banana republic, there needs to be full accountability

In Wayne County, as previously mentioned, other types of fraud were observed, specifically with the controversial Dominion Voting Systems machines that were connected to the internet during the early morning hours of Nov. 4.

More than 150 GOP poll challengers and whistleblowers who worked as paid contractors for Dominion have signed sworn affidavits attesting to voter fraud, voter irregularities, harassment, bullying and threats in Wayne County alone.

These affidavits reveal that Democrat election workers at the TCF Center in Detroit where ballots were counted behind closed doors covered with cardboard prevented poll watchers from observing ballots being counted, all the while intimidating and threatening anyone who dared to challenge them.

These tactics are certainly not the hallmarks of a free and fair election. In fact, they suggest that the United States just went through a third world-style election that was rigged from the start, hence why Biden was told that he did not even need to bother campaigning because it was already in the bag.

“Several nationally recognized statistical experts were asked to examine some 2020 Michigan voting records and to identify anything that they deemed to be statically significant anomalies – i.e., large deviations from the norm,” one report explains about how it went down in the aftermath of the election.

“In the process, they basically worked separately from other team members, consulted with other experts, analyzed the data they were given from different perspectives, obtained some additional data on their own, etc. – all in a very limited time allotment.”

The latest news about the contested election can be found at Trump.news.

You can also help attorney Sidney Powell in her fight for free and fair American elections by visiting her Defending the Republic website.

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