Dec. 14 electoral “deadline” irrelevant when treasonous election fraud persists

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Image: Dec. 14 electoral “deadline” irrelevant when treasonous election fraud persists

(Natural News) Many conservatives, even, are conceding the election to Joe Biden in their own minds because only days remain before the Electoral College meets on Dec. 14 to vote for the perceived “winner.” But this alleged “deadline” is not what it seems, especially when the fate of our country is on the line.

According to Gen. Thomas McInerney, there is no requirement that President Donald Trump vacate the White House in accordance with any prescribed timeline until every last fact surrounding election fraud is analyzed and addressed, which has not yet occurred.

Speaking to Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend during a recent interview, McInerney explained how the “fraudulent electronic manipulation of targeted voting machines,” among other forms of election theft, require that Trump exercise the oath he swore to defend and protect our country against enemies both foreign and domestic.

We now know that enemies both foreign and domestic participated in this grand election theft scheme, utilizing multiple avenues of fraud to try to steal the win from Trump and hand it over to Biden. Until this is addressed and remedied, there is no constitutional requirement that Trump do anything other than remain where he is, right there in the Oval Office.

“They are trying to seize control of this nation through technology and through cyber warfare,” McInerney warns about how the deep state is desperately trying to destroy the Republic through fraud and deception.

“They are using and misusing the Constitution of the United States, and they have put us in a position that our forefathers were not aware of, the cyber warfare, and so when they set out in the Constitution the process of our election and going through the Electoral College, with the voters meeting on Dec. 14, announcing who the president will be … that was not based on cyber warfare, so we have a time clock.”


To learn more about the effort to save our Republic from being overthrown through this attempted coup, be sure to check out attorney Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic website.

President Trump has a duty to defend our country against all enemies, both foreign and domestic

The mainstream media’s relentless claim that there is “no evidence” of election fraud is patently false, as is the reasoning put forth by many of the judges who have thus far thrown out the legal filings that present evidence of digital manipulation in the election.

“This was not designed to operate in the cyber world, and so we had many judges just turning down and not recognizing what has happened,” McInerney says.

“That is the challenge that we are facing and what my point I wanted to get across tonight. It doesn’t matter if we have locked and seal this decision process by the 14th of December; the president should not leave office until it is adequately heard.”

Like many others working with Team Trump, McInerney is petitioning American patriots to make their voices heard in demanding of their elected officials that everything be looked at in good faith before Joe Biden’s coronation commences. Failure to do so will only escalate the response from those who recognize that their votes were stolen from them by malignant deep state players.

“The president has in his oath to the Constitution to defend the country against all enemies foreign and domestic, and we shouldn’t let a schedule that we know is so blatantly flawed that anybody can understand that with just the items I’ve given our listeners tonight,” McInerney went on to reveal.

“When you have hundreds of thousands of votes that were falsified, and we know they’re falsified, I believe those servers are going to show that, and I believe that he is going to show that.”

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