Remember when Obama won his first election by alleging fraud?

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Image: Remember when Obama won his first election by alleging fraud?

(Natural News) It would seem as though every leftist in America right now is clutching her pearls with feigned righteous indignation over President Trump’s “baseless” allegations of election fraud and refusal to concede. Never before in America’s history, apparently, has a candidate ever accused his opponent of fraud before ultimately winning an election – oh, except for that time Barack Obama did it to win his very first political seat in Illinois.

All those privileged, white liberals out there who pretend to be more virtuous than the rest of us must have missed the memo that Obama ruthlessly raked several of his political opponents over the coals, including one who helped him gain entry into politics in the first place, in order to secure his very first Senate term in the city of Chicago.

Obama was successful in getting Alice Palmer, one of his mentors and the person who encouraged him to run for said seat which had previously been hers, kicked off the ballot. Even though Palmer had graciously offered Obama her seat after deciding to run for another congressional seat that had opened up, Obama swiped it from her after she lost that other primary and tried to run again for her old seat – great guy, eh?

As it turns out, Obama did the same thing a second time to Gha-is Askia when he had his legal team disqualify Askia from the ballot on petty “technicalities.” In that case, Obama ruthlessly made sure that just enough of Askia’s ballot petition signatures were thrown out for things like oddly shaped letters and other mistakes, causing Askia to lose his ballot attempt by a mere 69 signatures.


“It wasn’t honorable,” Askia is quoted as saying about how he was treated by Obama, who clearly only cared about himself and his political career. “I wouldn’t have done it.”

What’s really troubling is that Obama has not yet been hanged for treason

Hypocrite Obama now, of course, has the gall to claim that he is “troubled” by Trump’s efforts to merely address the countless election “irregularities” and anomalies that are suggestive of massive voter fraud in a number of key battleground states.

Even though none of Trump’s endeavors center around petty technicalities like Obama’s did – meaning Trump has far more character than Obama ever will – Obama recently told his blind followers that the president is going down a “dangerous path.”

It is difficult to even type this without laughing, but Obama, pretending to be virtuous just like his base, rhetorically stated – though clearly referring to Trump and his base – that he should “think beyond your own ego and your own interests and your own disappointments.”

There is almost no topping such a statement as far as hypocrisy goes, seeing as how Obama’s entire political career and existence was built upon fueling his own ego and self-interests at the expense of whomever he had to trample over in order to get there.

This one-quarter black messiah of the left loves to play the role of the beloved demigod who always has the right answers and knows the moral way to proceed, despite being the exactly opposite in reality. One would think that Obama would shut his big mouth already, considering he and those close to him are almost certainly among the many known culprits who are about to be exposed for their treasonous acts against our republic.

Speaking of those who are about to be exposed, attorney Sidney Powell could really use your help with her efforts to expose and rectify the massive election fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people. To learn more, visit her website.

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