Democrat ‘justice’ bill would seize private farmland from Americans and give it to Blacks

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Image: Democrat ‘justice’ bill would seize private farmland from Americans and give it to Blacks

Radical legislation introduced this week by Senators Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand seeks to spend a staggering $80 billion of taxpayer funds on seizing land from American farmers via eminent domain, and redistributing said land to vaguely defined “black farmers” as a reward for having suffered even more vaguely defined “systemic racism.”

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The so-called Justice for Black Farmers Act has already drawn comparisons to similar racist land expropriation measures enacted in South Africa.

A “Department of Agriculture Civil Rights Oversight Board” would be used to oversee the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture’s Office and accept “civil rights complaints” from black activists, while an “Equity Commission” would focus on studying “historical and continuing discrimination by the Department of Agriculture against Black farmers and ranchers.”

Taxpayer-funded studies regarding the races, ethnicities, ages, localities, wages and benefits” of farm workers would receive particular attention.

The sheer number of new powers granted to the civil rights board and equity commission, including oversight of local Farm Service Agency Committee, is so staggering that it constitutes several pages of the legislation.

Any black individual over the age of 21 who can claim one parent of African ancestry would be eligible for free training from the USDA, as well as handouts of farmland acquired via eminent domain by the USDA in numbers of “not less than 20,000 land grants” for each year starting in 2021 and continuing through 2030.

A total of $8 billion would be authorized for the racialized land grants each year, adding up to a ridiculous $80 billion in expenditures over the course of the next ten years.

The “black farmers” who received the free land handouts would then be eligible for direct operating loans from the USDA starting immediately, with zero percent interest charged for the first seven years and deferred payments for the first year.

Republicans currently retain narrow control over the Senate, but if Kamala Harris were to be elected Vice President and the Republicans were to lose the upcoming Senate runoff election in Georgia, Bookers’ woke fantasy land reparations bill could easily become reality.


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