So corrupt! Dem-controlled Pennsylvania Supreme Court orders GOP poll watchers to ‘monitor’ ballot counting from an impossible distance

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Image: So corrupt! Dem-controlled Pennsylvania Supreme Court orders GOP poll watchers to ‘monitor’ ballot counting from an impossible distance

(Natural News) The path to reelection for President Donald Trump keeps getting narrower by the day, thanks to Democrats, their deep state operatives and partisan courts.

If Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell are to be believed — and at this juncture, there’s no reason not to — the president’s 2020 reelection was stolen from him, big time. 

Both lawyers claim to have irrefutable evidence of the election theft, to include, among other things, electronic forensics showing votes cast (then discarded) for President Trump, votes added for Democrat Joe Biden, witnesses, and signed affidavits. If there isn’t enough proof in all of that, then we’re to believe that suddenly, Giuliani and Powell have no idea how to gather evidence and present cases.

And yeah, that’d be a stretch.

Still, the Trump campaign will need help from two areas: The courts and, barring them, GOP legislatures in the states that were stolen from Trump, the latter of which will have to award their electors to the rightful winner, The Donald.

In the meantime, the Democrat courts are doing their part to prevent Trump from serving for another four years like he earned, and that is especially true in Pennsylvania.

The Epoch Times reported: 

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled to reverse a lower state court decision that guaranteed Republican observers the right to watch ballot counts from no more than six feet away.

In a 5-2 decision, the court said the state’s election code does not set a minimum distance poll observers need to be in order to watch ballot counts and meet the laws’ requirements. The majority added that if the court imposes a distance requirement, as the lower court did, it would be improperly rewriting the statute.


The General Assembly, had it so desired, could have easily established such parameters; however, it did not,” the majority opinion stated. “It would be improper for this Court to judicially rewrite the statute by imposing distance requirements where the legislature has, in the exercise of its policy judgment, seen fit not to do so.”

Earlier in the month, however, a lower court judge saw it differently, ruling that “all candidates, watchers, or candidate representatives be permitted to be present for the canvassing process … and be permitted to observe all aspects of the canvassing process within 6 feet, while adhering to all COVID-19 protocols, including, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.”

After all, while the legislature did not establish a viewing distance, it also did not prevent one from being established under certain conditions. And to that point, the same state Supreme Court allowed the Democrat secretary of state’s office to change the legislatively-established voting deadline of Election Day by extending it three full days for mail-in ballots.

Question: If the secretary of state can arbitrarily change a hard-and-fast voting deadline established by the legislature (in violation of Article II of the U.S. Constitution), then have that unlawful change codified by a court, why can’t another court codify an election law change to improve transparence? (Related: Report claims left-wing Fortune 500 execs plan to stage corporate COUP if Joe Biden isn’t installed in the Oval Office.)

Answer: Because a Democrat-aligned secretary of state can do anything she wants when she knows it’ll be backed up and ‘legitimized’ by a Democrat-appointed Supreme Court.

On its face, the state high court’s ruling is absurd; Trump campaign officials reported being made to stand 100 feet away from vote-counting and ballot authentication tables, as if that is supposed to be sufficient.

In fact, you would think if there is nothing nefarious taking place like, say, faking ballots for one candidate or improperly ‘certifying’ illegal ballots, election officials would gladly welcome closer monitoring.

But no. The Democrat and deep state machines have been trying to depose our duly elected president for four years and they finally saw their opportunity on Election Day 2020.

We should all weep at the loss of the wonderful republic we were bequeathed by patriotic Americans who came before us. If we can’t even vote anymore and trust the outcome, the republic is lost.

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