Big Pharma Pfizer conspired with Biden campaign to make sure Trump got NO credit for rapid COVID-19 vaccine

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Image: Big Pharma Pfizer conspired with Biden campaign to make sure Trump got NO credit for rapid COVID-19 vaccine

(Natural News) Despite the fact that he’s been president for four years, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Donald Trump hardly made a dent in draining the D.C. Swamp like he promised during his 2016 campaign.

Oh, it wasn’t for a lack of trying: One of the reasons why his personnel turnover was so high during his first three years was because it took him that long to figure out that the RINO establishment in Washington was feeding him swamp creatures for his Cabinet posts.

In any event, we can now add Big Pharma to the list of deep state criminals undermining President Trump.

You may recall back in the spring the president commissioned “Operation Warp Speed,” an all-of-government approach to empower and assist the private sector in the rapid development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Our longtime readers know we’re not big vaccine fans here at Natural News. However, we understood early on that in order for our country to get back to some semblance of normal, it would most likely take a vaccine to put us on that course. 

We’ve not recommended getting one and we’re still not recommending it one way or the other.

But…we do recognize the Herculean effort President Trump put forth to get pharmaceutical companies to step up and dedicate their resources to helping the U.S. and the world extinguish the Wuhan coronavirus. And he should get the credit for any new vaccine.

Well, he won’t. 

Earlier this week, Pfizer announced it had developed a COVID-19 vaccine that the drugmaker says prevents 90 percent of infections — not bad at all, really. 


The announcement just happened to come 48 hours after the media inappropriately declared Joe Biden “president-elect,” despite the fact that Trump is challenging several results based on allegations of voter fraud and electronic ballot theft. 

The company was supposed to announce its success in October, originally, but for some reason decided to prolong clinical trials beyond what the FDA and Health and Human Services department had originally agreed upon. And recall, President Trump has been saying for weeks now that he expected to have a vaccine before the election.

Well — he should have. And wouldn’t that have been a nice pre-election day announcement for the president responsible for the rapid development of the vaccine to have been able to make?

Not only did Pfizer wait until Biden was declared president-elect by the media, but the company alerted him and his campaign first — without even telling the Trump administration (which has already paid Pfizer $1.25 billion for the first 100 million doses of the vaccine).

Instead, HHS Secretary Alex Azar said he heard about Pfizer’s breakthrough in the news.

That’s disgraceful.

The Daily Caller reports: 

Alex Azar, the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, said Wednesday that he did not learn about Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine until the company announced the results of its clinical trials on Monday morning, a day after President-elect Joe Biden says that his advisers learned the same information.

“I as secretary of health and human services learned about this from media reports on Monday morning,” Azar said in an interview on WMAL, a radio station in Washington, D.C.

“That’s not a good sign,” said WMAL host Vince Coglianese. 

“If the Biden campaign found out Sunday night but you…didn’t find out until Monday, that sounds like there’s a problem there,” Coglianese continued.

“There certainly was a gap in communication, let’s say,” Azar replied.

Donald Trump Jr. is exactly right: It’s so convenient, isn’t it, that Pfizer is now trying to hand off credit for the vaccine to the one presidential candidate least responsible for its development and who was trying to tell people not to take it because Trump’s administration is responsible for developing it. 

That’s worse than spite. That’s just disgusting.

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