Former Trump campaign strategist announces voter fraud probe in seven key states

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Image: Former Trump campaign strategist announces voter fraud probe in seven key states

(Natural News) A former strategist for President Donald Trump’s campaign announced he will investigate possible voter fraud in seven key states. Look Ahead America Executive Director Matt Braynard tweeted Nov. 6 that he is in possession of data for people who requested absentee ballots or voted early. The former Trump campaign data chief said that his investigation will center on Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Braynard remarked that he can run the data in his possession against the Social Security Death Index and National Change of Address Database. “Discovering just a ‘few’ matches to the death list would indicate a much bigger problem as ABS/EV [absentee and early voting] requests of dead voters would be incidental to a larger fraud operation,” he added.

Despite his information, Braynard said he had “zero luck” getting both the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee to consider his idea. He could fund the investigation himself, but he needed $100,000 – prompting him to set up a GoFundMe page on Nov. 5.

However, the platform removed his page the next day, Politico reported. GoFundMe cited terms of service violations and “attempts to spread misleading information about the election” as reasons why Braynard’s campaign was taken down. He claimed that he had already raised $220,000 before his fundraiser was removed, but a company spokesperson said all the money was returned to donors.

The removal of his GoFundMe campaign did not stop Braynard from creating a new fundraiser on a different site. “We won’t be stopped; please give even more on our new crowdsourcing page,” he exhorted through a tweet. (Related: GoFundMe nukes donation page for voter fraud investigation.)


Democrats used a number of methods to commit vote fraud in key swing states

The strategist’s announcement came in light of apparent efforts to commit vote fraud and undermine the electoral process. Both covert and overt means of vote fraud were supposedly employed during the recent polls, which saw a victory for Joe Biden.

At least seven deceased voters in Michigan were included in the rolls, with one even registering their year of birth as 1850. Meanwhile, election officials in Florida’s Broward County intercepted more than 50 new voter applications for registered Democrats. However, a subsequent inquiry found that the names on new voter applications belonged to recently deceased Democrat voters.

Election officials in Pennsylvania, a critical swing state, saw two successive waves of mail-in ballots – widening the Democratic candidate’s lead over the incumbent. Three vehicles reportedly dropped off additional mail-in ballots for Biden in Michigan, another swing state. Eyewitnesses in Wayne County, where Detroit is located, saw “a Ferrari, an unmarked van and [what looked like] a Chrysler” with out-of-state license plates dropped off fraudulent ballots with votes cast for Biden in the dead of night.

In addition, the Democrats used Hammer and Scorecard – two intelligence programs designed to monitor and modify election results. Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney explained that Deep State operatives procured the software, originally created for use by the Central Intelligence Agency, for private use. Hammer is used to spy on activities within protected networks such as voting machines without being detected, while Scorecard is used to manipulate up to three percent of votes during the data transfer process.

Mysterious “software glitches” in swing states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania that shifted votes from Republican to Democrat appeared to be the effect of Scorecard. According to Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox, the county clerk for Antrim County said tabulating software “glitched” and caused votes to be miscalculated. Cox added that 47 other Michigan counties made use of the same tabulating software.

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