Fraud! Thousands of illegal votes identified by Trump campaign in Nevada as Biden “win” begins to collapse

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Image: Fraud! Thousands of illegal votes identified by Trump campaign in Nevada as Biden “win” begins to collapse

(Natural News) On Friday, the garbage ‘mainstream media’ collectively declared Joe Biden to be the next president of the United States (Newsmax TV and One America News were the two exceptions). 

This declaration came despite the fact that vote counting continues in some states and the Trump campaign is busy filing lawsuits and litigating what appears to be a coordinated effort by Democrats to steal the 2020 election.

We’re not exactly sure when the mainstream media became the official arbiters of who wins presidential elections so this is rather new to us. That said, we’ll not take their declaration for Biden seriously, and neither should readers.

Because if the media and President Donald Trump’s detractors should have learned one thing over the last four years of his first term, it’s this: He’s a fighter, and he’s not going to simply allow Democrats to cheat him out of a victory that he believes (as do we) is rightfully his.

Case in point: A law firm working in conjunction with the Trump campaign’s legal team has found some 6,000 illegal votes in hard-fought Arizona, where the president was quickly gaining on Biden’s ‘lead.’

“Indeed, we have initially identified 3,062 voters who moved from Nevada before the election but still cast ballots in this election,” a letter to the Clark County district attorney’s office tweeted out by Fox News’ John Roberts read. “We have verified this by cross-referencing the list of general election voters with publicly available change of address records.”

“For instance, demographic experts agree that the National Change of Address database only captures about one-third of relocations. Consequently, this number will likely grow by 6,000 voters, at minimum,” the letter continued.

The firm — Weir Law Group LLC — noted initially that it had been concerned “for months about improper ballots being cast in the 2020 election,” the letter from firm attorney Shana D. Weir began, adding that Joseph Gloria, Clark County’s registrar of voters, “has yet to take any reasonably basic and fundamental steps to ensure that mail ballots are free from fraud and abuse.”

“Had Mr. Gloria’s office used proper and generally accepted procedures to authenticate these ballots and clean the voter rolls on the front end,” Weir’s letter continued, “then these illegal votes would never have permeated into the voter pool, diluting the votes of honest Nevadans. (Related: With election rigging via mail-in ballots, the real purpose of the COVID bioweapon now becomes clear.)


“That is why it is imperative that he take immediate action to clean the voter rolls and purge them of all ineligible voters, including those that have moved from Nevada and those that have died,” Weir wrote. “Moreover, he should immediately cease authenticating and separating mail ballots until the rolls are cured and take all possible measures to cull improper ballots from the 2020 general election voter pool.”

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, who is on the ground in Nevada on behalf of the Trump campaign, responded, citing a tweet from the Nevada GOP: “This is frightening. Nevada has allowed non-residents to vote. Legal voters everywhere should be outraged.”

The Nevada Republican Party’s tweet noted that the organization has sent a criminal referral to U.S. Attorney General William Barr regarding the more than 3,000 instances of alleged vote fraud that have already been uncovered. 

As for the president’s campaign, lawyers are preparing several lawsuits in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, alleging even more voter irregularities and even outright voter fraud pertaining to mail-in balloting; just the sort of problems President Trump warned about for months ahead of Election Day.

Also, his supporters aren’t going to take this theft lightly. Over the weekend, tens of thousands of his supporters took to the streets in peaceful protests and demonstrations to show they back the president in #StopTheSteal rallies.

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