Suspicious vehicles caught dropping off mystery ballots in Michigan

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Image: Suspicious vehicles caught dropping off mystery ballots in Michigan

(Natural News) A Ferrari, an unmarked van, and “a Chrysler 300 (I think),” according to an unnamed eyewitness who claims to have insider intelligence, were all seen delivering ballots to TLC (formerly Cobo Hall) in Wayne County, Mich., late last night after most states had already finished counting their votes.

Wayne County, where Detroit is located, is one of the epicenters of alleged election fraud where ballot counts were suspiciously delayed on Election Day, only to later produce hundreds of thousands of questionable votes for Joe Biden after most of America already went to sleep.

An anonymous tip later came in to suggest that fraudulent ballots were being delivered to the facility by vehicles with out-of-state license plates, and under the cover of darkness, which may have skewed the state in favor of Biden rather than President Trump, who had been leading by a wide margin.

“They’re saying Trump has no chance of winning here,” the anonymous tip contends, noting that some 7,000 military ballots were in the process of being counted, with each one having to be duplicated, or re-written.

“Also, John James does have a chance,” the tip further explained, John James being a Republican contender for the Michigan Senate who is currently trailing Gary Peters by just a few thousand votes, according to the official numbers.

Democrats are stealing the election for Biden right before our very eyes

The anonymous tipster wrote that he or she would “be in touch” as more develops, but wants the world to know right now that an unnamed GOP challenger who was there at the facility all night observed the mystery vehicles and can confirm their presence.


“It should be accurate,” the tip further explains. “Lawyer says someone took photos of Ferrari and Chrysler … No one took photos or recorded info on van!!!!!!!”

Since Michigan does not require front license plates, and the vehicles were all seen pulling in from the front, there is no way to confirm who owns them or really even whether or not they came from out of state.

“We don’t have front plates in MI so it’s possible they had a MI plate on back of van,” the tip reveals. “More likely they didn’t want anyone to record it.”

This is just the latest shenanigan to come out of Michigan, where Trump’s substantial lead was eroded away in the middle of the night by an onslaught of alleged votes that seemingly came out of nowhere.

These votes put Biden in the lead, prompting the Associated Press (AP) and other mainstream news outlets to call the state for Biden, despite impending lawsuits.

As it turns out, a whopping 138,000 Biden votes materialized out of thin air as part of a “ballot dump,” which pushed Biden just enough over the top to make it seem as though he won the state of Michigan.

Speaking during a press conference, Rudy Giuliani indicated that there is a very real possibility of a “national lawsuit” to address voter fraud both in Michigan and elsewhere. According to Giuliani, such a lawsuit would “really expose the corruption of the Democrat Party,” which appears to be pulling a fast one on the American people.

“It appears that Trump has won this election, but Democrats are colluding with Big Tech and Big Media to steal the outcome and gaslight the nation into accepting a stolen, fraudulent ‘Biden victory,'” writes Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

If true, then America has devolved into a third world-type banana republic where the votes of the people no longer count. And if that is the case, then what is the point of voting?

“It does not matter who votes,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit. “It only matters who counts the votes.”

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